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WWE Elimination Chamber results: live coverage

WWE Elimination Chamber
February 21, 2021
Tropicana Field (WWE ThunderDome)
Tampa, FL

We are live with WWE Elimination Chamber coverage. As always, we will post updates on this page immediately after every match. Refresh this page often. If you are having trouble seeing the results, then you can click here.

The Kickoff Show starts at 6 pm eastern, main card at 7 pm eastern.

Kickoff Show

The Kickoff Show match was added late today after it was announced that Keith Lee was pulled from the show due to an injury.

The winner will be added to United States Title Match
John Morrison vs. Mustafa Ali vs. Ricochet vs. Elias

Morrison won the match by pinning Ali. This was a distraction finish. Retribution was busy attacking Ricochet at ringside but Ali did not see Morrison coming up to roll him up for the pin. Tonight it will be Morrison vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Matt Riddle for the United States Championship.

Main Card

SmackDown Elimination Chamber match
Kevin Owens vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro vs. Jey Uso vs. Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin

Zayn initially refused to enter the match and he kept his pod locked but Cesaro snuck in behind him on the other side of the pod that was also open. Later, Zayn tried to run from Cesaro by climbing up on a pod. Zayn was knocked off the side of the chamber onto the steel grate while Cesaro hung off the top of the chamber.

Zayn tried to plead with Ownes about working together but KO didn’t want to hear it and he rammed Zayn into the pod. Then it was Owens vs. Bryan and Owens for Cesaro for the next few minutes. Jey and KO brawled as soon as Jey got into the match. Moments later, Owens hit a moonsault off the top of a pod onto the rest of the competitors.

Owens pinned Zayn after hitting the stunner and then Jey Uso slammed the chamber door on KO’s arm. Uso then superkicked him several times and then followed up with the frog splash and the pin. We got several more minutes of Bryan vs. Cesaro with Bryan favoring his injured (storyline) left knee. Jey took out Cesaro with a superkick and frog splash. Uso also tried to pin Bryan after hitting the frog splash but Bryan kicked out. Uso tried a splash off the pod but Bryan got his knees up and he hit the running knee to pin Uso.

Order of entry:
1. Cesaro
2. Daniel Bryan
3. King Corbin
4. Sami Zayn
5. Kevin Owens
6. Jey Uso

Order of elimination:
1. King Corbin eliminated when he tapped out to Cesaro’s Sharpshooter.
2. Sami Zayn pinned by Kevin Owens
3. Kevin Owens pinned by Jey Uso
4. Jey Uso pinned Cesaro
5. Daniel Bryan pinned Jey Uso

WWE Universal Championship
Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan

The match started with Reigns immediately going for a spear but Bryan countering into the YES lock. Reigns broke out of it and then he brutally attacked him. Reigns then locked him into a guillotine choke to retain the title.

Bryan never tapped out but the referee called for the bell because he passed out. After the match, Edge speared Reigns and then he pointed at the WrestleMania sign so it’s now official that it will be Edge vs. Reigns at WrestleMania 37.

WWE United States Championship – Triple Threat Match
Bobby Lashley vs. Matt Riddle vs. John Morrison

MVP was on a crutch at ringside, which confirms the news about his leg injury. The main story of the match was that Riddle and Morrison had to work together because that was the only way they could beat Lashley. Morrison tried to use MVP’s crutch but Lashley countered into the Hurt Lock and Riddle beat Lashley with the crutch.

Riddle won the title by pinning Morrison after hitting the Bo Derek.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship
Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler vs. Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair

There were a few near falls in the match including Belair almost pinning Baszler with the KOD. Jax pulled Belair out of the ring to break up the pin attempt and then she powerbombed Baszler but Banks broke up the pin attempt. Moments later, Banks almost scored a pin as Reginald made his way down to ringside.

Reginald slid a bottle in the ring for Banks to use but she refused. The distraction allowed Jax to hit the Samoan Drop for the pin. Banks and Belair both yelled at Reginald for costing them the match.

Backstage, MVP was seen talking with The Miz.

WWE Championship – Raw Elimination Chamber Match
Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Kofi Kingston

Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton started the match. McIntrye took out both Orton and Hardy when he entered the match. McIntyre tossed Hardy like a lawn dart through Kingston’s pod. Kingston pinned Orton but Ordon flipped out and hit RKO’s to the wrestlers in the match. Omos ripped the plexiglass off to allow Styles to leave but Orton cut him off before he could run to the back. Orton ended up walking away and Styles ran into the ring to try to pin all of the wrestlers who were laid out. Adam Pearce ejected Omos to the backstage area because of his actions.

As soon as Sheamus entered the match, he and McIntyre traded punches and blows to the body until the other competitors got up. They piped in a “this is awesome” for a tower of doom spot and more cheers piped in when Kingston did the trust fall on everyone else off the top of the pod. Sheamus pinned Kingston after hitting the Brogue Kick.

Hardy had the chance to hit a Swanton on Styles but he decided to hit it on wrestlers outside the ring. Hardy finally hit the Swanton on Hardy but he was hit with the Claymore and pinned by McIntyre.

Late in the match, Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick on McIntyre but Styles caught Sheamus with the Phenomenal Forearm and he pinned him. Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm but McIntyre caught him with the Claymore and then pinned him. McIntyre celebrated as they raised the Chamber.

After the match, Lashley speared McIntyre and tossed him out of the ring and continued attacking him around the ringside area by smashing his head against the announcer’s table several times. Lashley brought him back into the ring to continue the attack and he also put him in the Hurt Lock into a slam. Miz quickly tried to pin McIntyre but he was able to kick out of the first pin attempt but Miz pinned him after hitting the Skull Crushing Finale.

The Miz then ran out to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase.

Order of entry:
1. Jeff Hardy
2. Randy Orton
3. Drew McIntyre
4. Kofi Kingston
5. AJ Styles
6. Sheamus

Order of elimination:
1. Randy Orton pinned by Kofi Kingston
2. Sheamus pinned Kofi Kingston
3. Jeff Hardy pinned by Drew McIntyre
4. AJ Styles pinned Sheamus
5. Drew McIntyre pinned AJ Styles


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