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WWE Elimination Chamber results: New IC champ, Owens shocks Cena, DQ finish

WWE Elimination Chamber results
May 31, 2015
Corpus Christi, TX

We will have live coverage of tonight’s Elimination Chamber special/pay-per-view. If you live in the United States, the show is available exclusively on the WWE Network. You can watch it for free on the WWE Network (if you are a new subscriber) since this is a free trial month. If you want to get the free trial then you can order the WWE Network by clicking here.

Kickoff Show

Zack Ryder vs. Goldust

Stardust won the match with the Cross Rhodes finisher. JBL said that he calls it the “Queens Crossbow.”

Tom Phillips interviewed Lana in the social media lounge. She said she doesn’t wish harm on anyone but doesn’t know anything on Rusev since she’s not talking with him. She said she has a good time with Dolph Ziggler and he shows her selfies on snapchat. She said once Rusev started to judge her harshly and unjustly it made her think about life differently and make her understand peoplke from different cultures and different persectives. She said it is bittersweet to be free from Rusev and happiness is a choice. She said she chooses to be happy and free.

Miz TV segment with Daniel Bryan

Summer Rae introduces The Miz. Miz said that he wishes Bryan a speedy recovery…from the bottom of his heart. Miz asked how Bryan was doing but cut him off before Bryan spoke. Miz talked about making Daniel Bryan into the star he is today. Bryan said that his career is not over and he will be back. Miz made fun of Bryan’s appearance and said that he should be dressing better and tanning and wearing make-up. Miz said he has a team of people that can help Daniel Bryan and they can improve his image. Bryan told him to shut up. He said that he’s here to present the IC title to the winner tonight. Miz  Daniel Bryan introduced Macho Mandow and AxelMania. They came and took out The Miz.

Eden interviews Dean Ambrose. He tells Ambrose to worry about Seth and he’ll take care of the rest. Reign said he had the cold drinks on ice for later.

JBL is in the Chamber. He goes over the rules for an Elimination Chamber match.

Lilian Garcia is back.

Tag Team Championship – Elimination Chamber match
The New Day (champions) vs. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs. Prime Time Players vs. Lucha Dragons vs. The Ascension vs. Los Matadores

The Ascension and The Lucha Dragons will start the match. Early in the match Kalisto tried to do a move off one of the pods but New Day stuck their hands through the top of the pod and stopped him. Kalisto fought back and fought the Ascension and knocked them off the ropes into the ring. Sin Cara did a swanton dive off one of the pods on Konnor and Kalisto tried for a dive off the top again but New Day pulled his leg through the top of the pod. Cesaro and Kidd entered the match. Kidd and Cesaro beat up The Ascension. Cesaro hit a nice upper cut on Kalisto from the top rope on the top of the pod. Cesaro superplexed Kalisto off the top of the pod. Sin Cara saved Kalisto from being pinned. Los Matadores are in the match now. El Torito did a hurricanrana on Cesaro from the top of the pod. Kalisto got up to the top of the chamber like a spider. He dropped onto a pile of wrestlers in the middle of the ring. Torito tried the same thing but was caught by The Ascension. Ascension hit Fall of Man on one of Los Matadores.

Los Matadores eliminated.

Fall of Man on Sin Cara by The Ascension.

Lucha Dragons eliminated.

Prime Time Players are in the match and they get attacked by The Ascension immediately but PTP fights back. PTP eliminates The Ascension.

The Ascension is eliminated.

Now it’s Kidd and Cesaro wrestling PTP. New Day gets in the match a couple of minutes after. Kidd, Cesaro, and PTP teamed up to triple suplex the New Day at the same time. Kidd and Cesaro locked Xavier Woods in a pod. Cesaro did the swing on Kofi. Darren Young snuck up and rolled up Cesaro for the pin.

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro eliminated.

Xavier is back in the match. They attacked Titus and put his head through the cage so he is stuck there for now. Darren Young has to fight alone for now. Darren fought back and sent Big E into one of the pods. That looked like it really hurt. Titus is back in the match and knocked out Xavier with a big boot. Darren takes out Kofi. Titus rams Big E into the cage several times and tosses him into the ring. He does the same to Kofi. Darren hit a gut buster on Kofi and almost got a 3 count. Young takes out Big E over the top rope to the steel floor. Action is back in the ring. New Day gets the win after Kofi hits trouble in paradise and all three men pin Titus.

Backstage, Lana and Dolph Ziggler were talking. She said it’s not about Rusev or making him jealous. Ziggler said “maybe it will be about us” after the match. She said she’d like that.

WWE Divas Championship
Nikki Bella (champion) vs. Paige vs. Naomi

Cole said nobody is allowed at ringside so Tamina and Brie are not here. Minutes into the match they did a spot where Nikki Powerbombed Naomi and Paige off the top. Nikki went for a rack attack but Naomi hit Nikki with the rear view. Paige kicked Naomi out of the ring. Paige went for the PTO but Naomi was back and kicked Paige in the head. Paige ended up with Naomi on her shoulders and Naomi bent backwards and turned it into backwards hurricanrana. Looked awkward. Anyway, Nikki won with the rack attack on Naomi. Brie came out and celebrated with her sister.

Commercial for “WWE Swerved.”

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens

Owens was on offense for a good part of the beginning of the match. Lots of women and children cheering for Cena. There were lots of chants for Owens too. Cena got some brief spots in but Owens kept cutting him off. At one point Cena did a cross body off the ropes but Owens caught him and hit him with a swinging sidewalk slam and then a cannonball into the corner. Owens hit the pop up powerbomb at one point but Cena kicked out before the 3 count. Owens missed a moonsault off the top, Cena hits the AA but Owens kicks out. The trade punches but Owens knocks out Cena with a kick. Owens goes for the 5 knuckle shuffle to mock Cena but Cena catches his leg and locks in the STF. Owens pushes Cena off and then hits the AA on Cena. Cena kicks out. Owens rushes Cena in the corner but Cena gets the foot up and hits a tornado DDT. Both men are down in the ring. Cena hit the leg drop to the back of the head off the top. 2 count. Owens hit a cradle powerbomb. 2 count. Cena hit a spring board stunner and went for a pin but Owens kicked out of that too. Awesome match so far. Owens hit a side suplex and a sentan off the top and Cena still kicked out. Owens pinned Cena after hitting the pop up powerbomb. Wow. Great match!

Owens post-match promo in the ring. Owens says it’s time for Cena to go because his time is now and the “Champ is here!”

Neville vs. Bo Dallas

Neville hit a nice moonsault from the top rope onto Bo at ringside but Bo took over seconds later at ringside and then in the ring. The action picked up about 5 minutes into the match when Neville hit a flurry of offense. Neville slipped out of a Bodog attempt, kicked Bo in the head, and then hit the Red Arrow off the top. Neville gets the win.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are talking backstage. Triple H says its admirable that Roman wanted to be in Dean’s corner but he doesn’t have the authority to insert himself in a match like that. He says Roman would be a disruption and he can’t allow that to happen. He says if Roman gets involved then Dean gets disqualified.

WWE Intercontinental Championship – Elimination Chamber match
King Barrett vs. Sheamus vs. Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth

Daniel Bryan is at ringside by the announcers. Mark Henry is introduced as the replacement for Rusev. Ziggler and Barrett start the match. R-Truth was next to enter the match. He got a bunch of offense for a couple of minutes until Barrett hit Winds of Change. Truth kicked out. Ziggler rolled up Barrett but he kicked out. Barrett rammed Ziggler into one of the pods and the “Lexan glass” broke off and allowed Henry to get in the match. He was not the scheduled man though so Ryback got in the match at the scheduled time. Henry and Ryback traded blows. There was a spot in the match where Barrett hit Wasteland on Ziggler and went for a pin but for some reason Henry broke up the pin. Truth hit his finisher on Barrett and got the pin.

King Barrett eliminated.

Sheamus was supposed to be next in the match but his pod wouldn’t open. The guys in the ring teamed up on Henry. Ryback hit a spinebuster on Henry and took out Ziggler and shellshock on Truth.

R-Truth eliminated.

Sheamus is still stuck in his pod. It turned out that Sheamus had used his Celtic Cross to keep the pod locked. He’s in the match now. He threw Ziggler into the pod and then took out Ryback and Henry. Sheamus brogue kicks and pins Henry.

Mark Henry eliminated.

Dolph tried to fight Sheamus but Sheamus overpowered him. Ziggler finally got a flurry of offense including a nice looking DDT but Sheamus kicked out. Ryback is back up. Ziggler with a superkick to the face. Sheamus goes for the brogue, Ziggler hits the famouser, Sheamus is back up and hits the brogue and gets the pin on Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler eliminated.

Back and forth action. Sheamus hit White Noise on the steel floor. Sheamus went for a pin but Ryback barely kicked out. They kept fighting near one of the pods. Sheamus hit a rolling sentan on the steel floor. Sheamus went for a brogue but Ryback caught him and slammed him in the ring. Ryback hits shellshock and gets the win.

Daniel Bryan gave the title to Ryback. Bryan says he thinks Ryback deserves it. Ryback thanked Daniel Bryan and told him that he’s an inspiration.

Cena vs. Owens announced for MITB next month. Also, Dolph Ziggler, Neville, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, and Sheamus were announced for the Money In The Bank match.

Very cool video package shown to hype the main event.

WWE Championship
Seth Rollins (champion) vs. Dean Ambrose

J&J Security and Kane are at ringside. Slow paced match for the first several minutes but things started to pick up after 6 or 7 minutes. J&J pulled Rollins out of the ring at one point but Ambrose dove through the ropes onto Rollins and both of them crashed over the announcers table. Ambrose brings Rollins in the ring. Mercury was knocked off the apron when Ambrose ran Rollins into him and then went for an attempted roll up on Rollins. Ambrose clotheslined Rollins over the top and they fought at ringside. The distraction from J&J cause Rollins to regain control of the match. Rollins rammed Ambrose into the barricade. The pace really picked up late in the match with back and forth action. Ambrose did a dive off the top onto J&J and Kane at ringside and took them out. Ambrose did a dive off the top on to Rollins but Rollins pulled the ref in front of him and the ref was knocked out.Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds but there was no ref there to count. A second ref runs down and counts the pin. The referees discussed things over and Lilian announced that Ambrose did win but it was by DQ. Rollins retains the title.

J&J and Kane attacked Ambrose but Reigns came out for the save. He attacked Rollins at ringside and speared Kane in the ring and then superman punched J&J. Ambrose tossed Rollins out of the ring. Ambrose held the WWE title up even though Rollins is still champ. At ringside, Ambrose says he’s taking the championship because he won the match.

Ambrose and Reigns celebrate in the crowd as they go off the air.

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