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WWE employee involved in the altercation with Alberto Del Rio is no longer with WWE

WWE has posted an online ad today looking for a Social Media manager for the company. That was the job that Cody Barbieri had. Barbieri is the employee that had the issue with Alberto Del Rio that caused Del Rio's exit from the company. Barbierri is no longer with the company. It is not known when he finished up with the company or what caused his exit. Barbieri had been with the company since 2012.

Del Rio has stated publicly that he slapped Barbieri after Barbieri refused to apologize to him after a comment that was made that Del Rio took as a racist comment. At first Del Rio was suspended but then WWE changed their stance and released him instead. Triple H was the person that let Del Rio know that he was being released. Del Rio would debut for AAA at TripleMania in August.

Del Rio has admitted that he reacted inappropriately and was embarrassed by the situation. When everything went down there were referees and other wrestlers near Del Rio. Jack Swagger, a referee, and production people saw what happened. Barbieri was not liked by some in the company and was said to rub people the wrong way.

Del Rio, according to his release papers from WWE, is not allowed to wrestle in the United States for one year. Del Rio has said publicly that it's unconstitutional because wrestling is how he makes a living to feed his family.

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