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WWE employee wishes death on Matt Hardy and then gets into heated exchange with Reby Hardy

There was a heated exchange between Reby Hardy and Julie Youngberg on Tuesday night. For those of you that don’t know, Youngberg is the costume designer and seamstress for WWE. She was also married to former WCW/WWE star Shannon Moore. The Twitter exchange apparently started when Youngberg responded to a fan wishing that the 5th man for Sunday’s TLC main event would have been Matt Hardy. Youngberg responded, “I would love if the fifth man was dead Matt. Did I say that?”

As you would expect, fans on Twitter were not too happy with what she said and word got back to Reby Hardy:

Here is Reby Hardy’s response and the rest of the Twitter exchange from Tuesday night (note: there is NSFW language):

Here is what Hardy said when someone asked if Youngberg was Shannon Moore’s wife:

Youngberg later tweeted:

These issues apparently go back a few years. Youngberg accused a couple in Cameron, NC of stalking and hacking her Facbebook account. Youngberg claimed that police were “working on my case of the person/people who are hacking me, stalking me, making up horrible lies, slander, etc and are trying to break up the beautiful marriage Shannon.”

Someone dug up these old tweets from 2015 that included comments made by Youngberg on Facebook:

The one thing that everyone can learn from this exchange is to never wish death on anyone, especially if you work for a company like WWE. That first tweet about Matt was probably a bad idea. The whole exchange should have never happened but Reby has nothing to lose and Youngberg could be in hot water if management chooses to distance themselves from her.

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