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WWE Evolution results: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair – Smackdown Women’s Title – Last Woman Standing

The Smackdown Women’s Championship match between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair was the semi-main event at the WWE Evolution pay-per-view. This was a Last Woman Standing Match.

Lynch got huge babyface reactions while Flair was loudly booed. Early in the match, Lynch attacked Flair at ringside with a kendo stick. Flair also took several chairshots to the back and was thrown into a stack of chairs that were in the ring. Flair was able to get some offense in with a suplex on Becky onto the stack of chairs in the ring.

Things turned around for Charlotte Flair. Flair hit a moonsault on Lynch on a table. The table didn’t break but she got part of Lynch. Flair set Lynch back up on the table and then a somersault onto Lynch and through the table. Both women barely got up before the referee counted to 10. Flair brought a ladder into the ring.

Lynch slammed Flair’s back onto the ladder in the ring as fans chanted “this is awesome.” Moments later, Flair took over on offense and then used the ladder to work on Lynch’s leg and knee. Flair even locked in the figure eight with Lynch’s leg wrapped around the ladder. Lynch tapped but the match can’t end that way. Lynch used a steel chair to break herself out of the hold.

Lynch tried to talk out of the arena with her title but Flair ran after her and the fight continued near the stands. Flair cleared the announce table and set up a ladder at ringside but Lynch blasted her in the side of the head with the title. Lynch did a legdrop off the top of the ladder onto Flair and through one of the announcers tables at ringside. Lynch continued to attack Flair at ringside and then she buried her with a bunch of the announcer chairs, steel chairs and pieces of a broken table. Flair was able to get up before 10 but fans booed because it looked like Flair was still on her knees.

Flair ran after Lynch at ringside with kendo stick shots and a spear at ringside. Flair went for a moonsault but Lynch caught up to her and powerbombed her through a table at ringside. Flair could not get up by 10 so that means Lynch retained her title.

Awesome match.

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