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WWE executives hesitant to push Daniel Bryan when he returns

The feeling at Raw among some of the wrestlers last Monday was that Daniel Bryan was no longer seen as someone that company officials would want to put back into the main event picture right away. People noted that the company would never consider bringing up John Cena, Batista, or Triple H in a minimal role on the WWE Kickoff show but they are doing so with Daniel Bryan. Plus, you can see a major difference with how they book Roman Reigns. Reigns always looks good when he deals with heels and never comes off like Bryan did during Bryan’s championship run. Bryan’s run consisted of him getting destroyed in a match with Kane (even though Bryan did win), Kane no sold the loss by getting up right away, and then Bryan running away from Kane the next night on Raw. Guys like Cena, Reigns, Batista, would never have been booked that way.

There’s also a feeling in the company that the bubble for Bryan has popped. There are people in management that feel that Bryan got injured at a time when they needed him the most so now they’ll be more hesitant to give him the ball to run as a top guy. Another thing that’s brought up is that Bryan was originally supposed to wrestle Sheamus at WrestleMania 30 and the only reason Bryan got the big push was because CM Punk quit the company so Bryan was used to fill the slot against Triple H.


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