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WWE experiments with live commentary in the arena during SmackDown



WWE appears to be trying something to enhance the live experience at their televised events.

During tonight's episode of Friday Night SmackDown, fans at the Nassau Coliseum could hear the announcers, Michael Cole and Pat McAfee. Fans at the arena report that they could hear them only during the commercial breaks.

This isn't the first time WWE has done something like this. In 2011, they sold "live commentary radios" at SummerSlam for fans to be able to hear the commentary in the arena. The idea did not last long but the company has been constantly trying to find new ways to enhance the experience for the fans and to come up with ideas to get more fans out to the live events.

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We'll see if tonight's experiment sticks. One has to wonder if one day, the idea is to somehow have live commentary in the arena for the entire show.