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WWE Extreme Rules results: Charlotte Flair vs. Alexa Bliss - Raw Women's Championship



Alexa Bliss challenged Charlotte Flair for the Raw Women's Championship at WWE Extreme Rules on Sunday night.

Flair worked over Bliss' back and neck in the opening minutes of the match. Bliss hit a jawbreaker but Flair countered a kick to the legs to stay on offense. Bliss hit a hurricanrana that sent Flair's face into the bottom turnbuckle. Bliss dropkicked Flair out of the ring but Flair then picked up Bliss and slammed her into the barricade.

Bliss tried to fight back with an inside cradle but Flair came back with power moves. Flair hit a backflip and then she tried to hit the Natural Selection but Bliss slipped out of it. This was followed by a series of pin attempt by both women. Bliss got her knees up when Flair tried a moonsault and then Bliss came close to pinning Flair after hitting a sunset bomb.

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Bliss missed Twisted Bliss off the top, Flair went for the Figure 4 but Bliss rolled her up for a near fall. Bliss hit a DDT and then went for the pin but Flair got her foot on the bottom rope. Flair grabbed Lilly the doll and tossed it in Bliss' face to cause a distraction. Flair hit a kick to the face and then rammed Bliss in the ring post. Flair hit Natural Selection and then pinned Bliss to win the match.

After the match, Flair ripped up Lilly the doll. Bliss ran in to attack but Flair attacked back and tossed Bliss on the announce table.

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