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WWE Extreme Rules results: United States Championship Triple Threat Match



Damian Preist put his United States Championship on the line at WWE Extreme Rules in a Triple Threat Match. The other competitors in the match were Jeff Hady and Sheamus.

Sheamus immediately took Hardy out with a brogue kick so it was Sheamus vs. Priest for the first few minutes. Hardy was back in the match after a couple of minutes.

Late in the match, Hardy hit the Twist of Fate on Priest and then he went for the Swanton off the top but Sheamus knocked him off the top rope. Sheamus hit a knee off the top but Priest kicked out of the pin attempt. Priest went for a move off the top but Priest chokeslammed him off the top. Hardy hit a Swanton as Priest went for a pin but Hardy was slow to get up. Hardy and Priest traded blows. Priest hit a jumping kick but Sheamus caught Priest with the brogue kick and Hardy almost pinned Priest. Priest won the match by rolling up Sheamus.

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