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WWE fans chanted for AEW after SmackDown, fans not happy about Stone Cold and Undertaker not appearing

The general consensus is that Friday Night SmackDown was a fun show, especially because of the return of The Rock and the big surprise at the end with Cain Velasquez after Brock Lesnar won the WWE Championship.

However, there were some unhappy fans who thought there was more show to come. After all, it was locally advertised that The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin would be appearing.

Those plans were scrapped and they were not seen at the STAPLES Center at all. Several readers noted to us that there were AEW chants after they went off the air on FOX.

Dave Meltzer pointed out how the live crowd was expecting Austin so they have the most right to be mad that he was not there.

The decision to pull Austin from the show must have been something decided on in the last couple of days or hours leading up to the show because he was advertised in a commercial during the Kickoff show that aired on FOX. Austin lives in the area so it wouldn’t have been hard to get him to travel for the show.

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