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WWE Fastlane results: live coverage



WWE Fastlane
March 21, 2021
Tropicana Field (WWE ThunderDome)
Tampa, FL

We are live with ongoing WWE Fastlane coverage. As always, we will post updates here as soon as every match has concluded. Please refresh this page for updates or click here if you are not immediately seeing updates after every match.

In addition to the matches listed below, we should get more clarity on the creative direction for key WrestleMania matches.

Kickoff Show

WWE United States Championship
Matt Riddle vs. Mustafa Ali

Riddle won by hitting the Bro Derek off the second rope but the bigger story was what happened after the match. Retribution helped Ali up to his face but Ali refused the help and he berated them for failing him, even though he lost the match.

Ali berated Reckoning as he told her to fall in line but she decided to walk away. Slapjack also left the ring while Mase and T-Bar chokeslammed Ali so it looks like Ali is officially out of the group and this could signal the end of the group.

Main Card

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship
Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler vs. Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair

Reginald was back at ringside in the corner of Jax and Baszler. Baszler and Belair started the match and then Jax tagged herself in before Baszler was ready to tag out. After several minutes, Banks made the hot tag and she took out Baszler and Jax at the same time.

Late in the match, Belair hit a 450 splash on Baszler but Reginald got up on the apron to distract the referee. Banks eventually locked Baszler in the Banks statement but Jax shoved Belair into Banks to break the hold. This caused Banks to get upset with Belair, even though Belair had good intentions.

Banks shoved Belair and with her back turned, Baszler rolled up Banks for the win. Banks has been acting heelish lately. After the match, Banks slapped Belair and yelled at her saying "you're the rookie!"

Shane McMahon was shown backstage on a crutch and with ice around his "injured" leg. WWE says he injured it earlier today while training for his match with Braun Strowman. Elias begged McMahon to book him for WrestleMania. McMahon said he has an idea.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Big E vs. Apollo Crews

They got off to a hot start with brawling in the ring and Big E delivering a spear to knock Crews off the ring apron. E continued to dominate for a few minutes until Crews nailed E with a drop kick to the knee. Crews followed up with three consecutive German suplexes. a spinebuster, and a splash off the top into a pin attempt.

Big E was declared the winner after a small package but the result was not 100 percent clear because it also looked like Crews might have also won the match. The disputed finish is meant to set up their match for WrestleMania. Crews attacked Big E after the match.

Braun Strowman vs. Elias

McMahon gave Elias with Jaxon Ryker beside him) time for a quick performance and then told Elias that he will face Strowman tonight.

Strowman dominated most of the match. At one point, Strowman did the running locomotive spot and Ryker ducked out of the way to save himself. Ryker then tossed Elias into the ring so they are definitely teasing Ryker splitting away from Elias.

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A distraction allowed for Elias to take out Strowman's legs so he could follow up with an elbow drop off the top rope. Strowman fought back with a clothesline and a slam and then he finished Elias with the running powerslam.

Backstage, Shinsuke Nakamura congratulated Riddle on his title defense. Riddle wanted to make a business deal with his scooter that "flies like a mustang." Nakamura didn't seem too interested. Riddle talked about his cousin Skeeter who is a skater.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Seth Rollins

Nakamura got in the early offense for the first minute until Rollins took over by attacking Nakamura's knee and midsection. Rollins kept yelling about the 22 times Cesaro swung him on SmackDown a few weeks ago.

It was a back and forth match and Nakamura got a string of offensive moves in late in the match until Rollins hit a Buckle Bomb and a Falcon Arrow into a near fall. Nakamura came back with some more offense, including a reverse exploder. He tried the Kinshasa but Rollins countered with a blow to the back of the neck and a spin kick to the back of the head. Rollins then hit the curb stomp and pinned Nakamura.

No Holds Barred Match
Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus

McIntyre had his face painted blue and white like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Early in the match, McIntyre went under the ring to bring out some weapons but Sheamus was the first to get his hands on the kendo stick. McIntyre ducked a kendo stick shot and then hit an overhead suplex outside the ring before shoving Sheamus into the steel steps.

Back in the ring, McIntyre hit Sheamus with several kendo stick shots. He also jabbed the corner of the stick into Sheamus' eye. They continued fighting outside of the ring as the camera showed the welts on Sheamus' back. They brawled around the area where the ThunderDome screens are. They moved up to a second level where the screens are and they traded stiff blows until McIntyre shoved Sheamus through some screens and onto a lower level. They showed sparks coming out as Sheamus crashed through the screens.

McIntyre used a rolling crate to bring Sheamus back near ringside. McIntyre delivered a suplex onto the exposed floor and then he carried him to ringside but Sheamus slipped out and hit a Brogue kick to the face. Sheamus then hit White Noise from the top of the barricade around ringside and through the announcer's table. At this point, they piped in "this is awesome" chants.

Back in the ring, they traded hard shots and McIntyre hit the future shock on a piece of the announcer's table. McIntyre then beat Sheamus with the Claymore.

Alexa Bliss vs. Randy Orton

Things got crazy when Orton made his way to the ring. As he was posing in the corner of the ring with his music playing, the black liquid began to come out of his mouth. Orton wiped it off and then Bliss made her entrance to different remixed versions of her theme and the theme from the Firefly Fun House.

This match was pre-taped. The lights were dimmed to a purple hue and fire popped up in Orton's face to start the match. Orton charged at Bliss but she moved and he crashed into the ring post. Bliss stood at ringside as Orton walked towards her. At that point, a lighting rig fell from the ceiling and right in front of Orton.

Back in the ring, Orton walked towards Bliss but she shot a fireball in his face but he apparently blocked it. Then a hand popped up from the ring and tried to pull Orton down. Fire shot out of the ring and then The Fiend appeared. Bliss then shoved Orton into The Fiend, who hit the Sister Abigail. Bliss pinned Orton to win the match.

WWE Universal Championship - Special Enforcer: Edge
Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan

The match started out with Bryan outworking Reigns with scientific wrestling moves. Reigns would get an occasional power move but Bryan got most of the offense for the first few minutes until Reigns took over for several minutes after that.

As the match spilled to ringside, Reigns did some trash talking to Edge. Reigns shoved Bryan into the barricade but Bryan fought back with kicks and punches. Reigns countered by shoving Bryan into the post and then back in the ring for a pin attempt. Bryan countered Reigns' offense with a drop toe hold, followed by a series of kicks and a running knick to the head. Bryan tried a Frankensteiner off the top rope but Reigns countered into a Boston Crab submission but Bryan countered and almost pinned Reigns.

Moments later, with Reigns at ringside, Bryan launched himself over the top rope but Reigns caught him. Bryan shoved Reigns into the ring post and then he followed up with a knee to the head. Bryan brought Reigns into the ring as he continued on offense with a missile dropkick. Bryan hit Reigns with several kicks to body but Reigns blocked the last kick and then backed Bryan into the corner and he followed up with a right hand and knees to the body. Reigns tried a powerbomb but Bryan countered and he hit some more kicks and then tried to pin him.

Bryan followed up with stomps to the face and the YES lock submission hold. Reigns broke free and he followed up with fists and elbows to the face. Reigns powerbombed Bryan into a pin attempt but Bryan Kicked out. Bryan went for a running knee but Reigns moved and Bryan ended up taking out the referee. Reigns hit a spear but with no referee, Edge ran in to make the count...Bryan kicked out. Reigns went for the ground and pound but Bryan countered into a triangle submission. Reigns powered up but Bryan hung on to the move and then transitioned into the YES lock. At this point, Jey Uso ran in to hit Bryan and Edge with superkicks to the face. Uso then shoved Edge into the post and tried hitting Bryan with a chair but Bryan ducked and charged at Uso with a running knee.

Bryan picked up the chair and used it several times on Uso's back. Bryan then went to hit Reigns with the chair but Reigns ducked a Bryan accidentally hit Edge. Reigns hit the Superman punch and was about to go for the spear but Bryan countered into the YES lock. Reigns tapped out but Edge didn't see it. Instead, Edge attacked Bryan and Edge with the steel chair.

Reigns draped his body over Bryan and a new referee made the count so Reigns retained but it sure looks like Bryan will be inserted into the main event of WrestleMania for a Triple Threat match.