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WWE Fastlane results: Roman Reigns tapped out, Edge attacked Daniel Bryan and Reigns



Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship was the main event for WWE Fastlane. Edge was the special enforcer for the match.

The match started out with Bryan outworking Reigns with scientific wrestling moves. Reigns would get an occasional power move but Bryan got most of the offense for the first few minutes until Reigns took over for several minutes after that.

As the match spilled to ringside, Reigns did some trash talking to Edge. Reigns shoved Bryan into the barricade but Bryan fought back with kicks and punches. Reigns countered by shoving Bryan into the post and then back in the ring for a pin attempt. Bryan countered Reigns' offense with a drop toe hold, followed by a series of kicks and a running knick to the head. Bryan tried a Frankensteiner off the top rope but Reigns countered into a Boston Crab submission but Bryan countered and almost pinned Reigns.

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Moments later, with Reigns at ringside, Bryan launched himself over the top rope but Reigns caught him. Bryan shoved Reigns into the ring post and then he followed up with a knee to the head. Bryan brought Reigns into the ring as he continued on offense with a missile dropkick. Bryan hit Reigns with several kicks to body but Reigns blocked the last kick and then backed Bryan into the corner and he followed up with a right hand and knees to the body. Reigns tried a powerbomb but Bryan countered and he hit some more kicks and then tried to pin him.

Bryan followed up with stomps to the face and the YES lock submission hold. Reigns broke free and he followed up with fists and elbows to the face. Reigns powerbombed Bryan into a pin attempt but Bryan Kicked out. Bryan went for a running knee but Reigns moved and Bryan ended up taking out the referee. Reigns hit a spear but with no referee, Edge ran in to make the count...Bryan kicked out. Reigns went for the ground and pound but Bryan countered into a triangle submission. Reigns powered up but Bryan hung on to the move and then transitioned into the YES lock. At this point, Jey Uso ran in to hit Bryan and Edge with superkicks to the face. Uso then shoved Edge into the post and tried hitting Bryan with a chair but Bryan ducked and charged at Uso with a running knee.

Bryan picked up the chair and used it several times on Uso's back. Bryan then went to hit Reigns with the chair but Reigns ducked a Bryan accidentally hit Edge. Reigns hit the Superman punch and was about to go for the spear but Bryan countered into the YES lock. Reigns tapped out but Edge didn't see it. Instead, Edge attacked Bryan and Edge with the steel chair.

Reigns draped his body over Bryan and a new referee made the count so Reigns retained but it sure looks like Bryan will be inserted into the main event of WrestleMania for a Triple Threat match.

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