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WWE Fastlane results: Sasha Banks turning heel heading into WrestleMania?



The Women's Tag Team Championship match kicked off WWE Fastlane. It was Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler defending against Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair.

Reginald was back at ringside in the corner of Jax and Baszler. Baszler and Belair started the match and then Jax tagged herself in before Baszler was ready to tag out. After several minutes, Banks made the hot tag and she took out Baszler and Jax at the same time.

Late in the match, Belair hit a 450 splash on Baszler but Reginald got up on the apron to distract the referee. Banks eventually locked Baszler in the Banks statement but Jax shoved Belair into Banks to break the hold. This caused Banks to get upset with Belair, even though Belair had good intentions.

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Banks shoved Belair and with her back turned, Baszler rolled up Banks for the win. Banks has been acting heelish lately. After the match, Banks slapped Belair and yelled at her saying "you're the rookie!"

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