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WWE filed a copyright claim on Scott Dawson



It should be clear to everyone that The Revival and WWE are not on the best terms as it seems very likely that they will be on their way out of the company soon.

The latest sign that WWE is not thrilled with them is when Scott Dawson posted a match from his video collection from a NXT house show. The match featured himself and Dash Wilder taking on The Undisputed Era.

Not long after the video was posted on YouTube, WWE blocked it on copyright grounds.

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Dawson's contract is a few weeks away from expiring but if he plans on debuting at the same time as Dash Wilder in AEW, then he would have to wait until June because WWE added time to Wilder's contract to make up for time off due to injury.

WWE has tried to sign them but all offers have been declined. At one point, there was a directive to book them as comedy characters and then it turned into wanting to bury them and then completely taking them off TV.