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WWE Friday Night SmackDown
July 1st, 2022
The Footprint Center
Phoenix, Arizona

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, which is emanating from The Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona. With just 24 hours until the Money In The Bank PLE, Announced for tonight's show, Raquel Rodriguez will team up with Lacey Evans and Shotzi to take on Raw's team of Alexa Bliss, Liv Morgan, and Asuka, also, The New Day will look to exact revenge as they take on The Viking Raiders. 

- Smackdown starts off with Drew McIntyre, Riddle, Sami Zayn, Sheamus, and Seth Rollins standing on ladders as we see Omos and MVP standing in the ring. Rollins says that Money In The Bank is right around the corner, Zayn says that he's going to climb and win the contract, Zayn says that as long as he has the contract, Roman Reigns is safe, MVP says that Vegas says that Omos is the odds on favorite to win and that they seem to be ignoring the giant in the ring, Sheamus says that he's already successfully cashes in on Roman Reigns, Drew says that he's beaten Brock in five minutes in the past, The Miz then interrupts, Miz says that he's the only two time Money In The Bank holder in WWE and he deserves to be put in the match, Ezekiel then interrupts, Ezekiel says that he was suppose to have a qualifying match on Raw, Ezekiel says that he deserves to be in the match, Happy Corbin then interrupts, Corbin says that Ezekiel is just as dumb as his brother and he's held the contract twice, Madcap Moss then comes out, Madcap says that he thought they were done with the jokes but Corbin winning is a joke, Adam Pearce then comes out, Pearce announces that they're will be a last chance battle royal for the final spot in the Money In The Bank ladder, next. 

Match 1: Last chance Battle Royal: 

- Sami Zayn tries to eliminate Riddle but Riddle hangs on, McIntyre then tries to eliminate Miz but Miz holds on, Omos then eliminates Ezekiel, Omos then eliminates Madcap Moss, Omos then eliminates the Miz, Riddle then tries to attack Omos but Omos knees him in the stomach, Drew then lands a series of punches on Omos but Omos starts to choke him, Drew tries to fight his way out but Omos lands a headbutt, Zayn then tries to attack Omos but Omos lands a knee to the stomach of Zayn, followed by an elbow to the back of the head of Sami, Rollins then comes face-to-face with Omos, Rollins then eliminates himself, Riddle then hits an RKO on Rollins on the outside, Omos then palmss the head of Riddle, Riddle then puts Omos in an armbar as Drew and Sheamus come up and eliminate Omos as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Riddle lands a series of chops on Sheamus, Riddle then hits a running forearm to Sheamus in the corner, Riddle goes for a another running forearm but Seamus lands a closeline on Riddle, Sheamus then tries to eliminate Riddle but he holds on, Drew and Sheamus then take turns attacking Zayn in the corner, Riddle then hits a senton on Sheamus, Riddle then hits a powerslam on Sheamus, followed by a second rope DDT, Riddle goes for the RKO but Sheamus throws him to the apron, Sheamus then knees Riddle in the face, eliminating Riddle, Corbin then holds Drew as Zayn lands a series of punches on Drew, Drew then fights his way out, landing punches on Sami and Corbin, Sami then accidentally hits Corbin with a helluva kick, Drew then hits a neckbreaker on Zayn, Drew then goes for a claymore on Zayn but Sheamus hits Drew with a running jumping knee to the face, Sheamus tries to throw Drew out but Drew hangs out, Sheamus then goes for the brogue but Drew counters and hits a headbutt, Drew then hits a belly-to-belly on Sheamus, Drew then hits Zayn with a belly-to-belly suplex, Drew then hits a future shock DDT on Sheamus, Drew then hits a claymore on Zayn before eliminating him, Sheamus and Drew then trie to eliminate each other but Corbin comes back in the ring to eliminate both Sheamus and Drew at the same time to secure the victory and the final spot in the Money In The Bank ladder match. 

Winner: Happy Corbin at 15:21.

- Happy Corbin is interviewed, Corbin says that he eliminated everyone and people are mad because they can't admit how good he is, Kayla Braxton then asks Corbin about the challenge from Pat McAfee, Corbin doesn't give a response.

- We get a video package highlighting the feud between Ronda Rousey and Natalya.

- Natalya is interviewed, Natalya says that Shes the movies that Ronda has made and she can understand why Hollywood isn't calling her back anymore, Natalya says that she knows the sharpshooter hurt her and that's why Ronda is lashing out, Natalya says that she's going to be the first person to Make Ronda Rousey tap out, Natalya says that the only thing Ronda will be holding is her ten month old baby. 

- Kofi says that its the start of June, Xavier has to correct Kofi, Xavier then pays Kofi as he lost a bet of some sorts, Xavier says that last week everyone wanted to see Shanky dance but the Viking Raiders came out and ruined it, Xavier then directs the crowd to boo louder, Xavier says that last week wasn't a good Viking experience, Kofi says that these are the new, vicious Viking Raiders, Kofi then calls out Erik and Ivar. The New Day then starts to attack the Viking Raiders, Erik and Ivar then attack the New Day with their shields, Ivar lands multiple shots to Xavier in the corner with the shield, The Viking Raiders then hit a doubleteam powerbomb on Kofi, Erik then stacks Xavier on top of Kofi. 

- We see Madcap Moss, Ezekiel, Happy Corbin, and The Miz arguing backstage, Adam Pearce then interrupts, Pearce says that a case can be made for any one of them to enter the Money In The Bank ladder match, Pearce then makes a fatal four way qualifying match for later tonight.

Match 2: Asuka, Liv Morgan, and Alexa Bliss vs Raquel Rodriguez, Lacey Evans, and Shotzi

- Becky Lynch says that everyone is going to have to wait to see her compete so she's going to do commentary instead of compete in the match. 

- The match starts off with Asuka and Shotzi but Shotzi tags in Lacey, Raquel then goes an elbow on Asuka but Asuka moves out of the way before tagging in Alexa Bliss, Raquel then Irishwhips Alexa into the corner, Raquel then goes for a running big boot in the corner but Alexa counters before tagging in Liv, Liv and Alexa then hits a doubleteam dropkick on Raquel, Liv then hits a hurricarana on Raquel, Liv then hits a jumping running knee in the corner to the face of Raquel, Shotzi then hits a senton of Liv, Liv then kicks Shotzi face first into the top turnbuckle, Shotzi then rolls to the outside, Lacey Evans yells at Shotzi on the outside, Liv then hits a tope suicida, taking out Lacey and Shotzi, Bliss then hits a rolling cannonball on Raquel from the apron as we go to commercial break.

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*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Raquel land a shoulder tackle on Asuka, Alexa then kicks at the leg of Raquel, Alexa then hits a knee to the face of Raquel, followed by a dropkick, Raquel then goes for a fallaway slam on Bliss but Shotzi trips her on top of Alexa for a two count, Shotzi then hits Bliss with a running splash in the corner, Shotzi then chokes Alexa with a headscissors in the ropes, Shotzi then suplexes Bliss in the corner, Shotzi then locks Bliss in a modified boston crab, Alexa then kicks off Shotzi before tagging Asuka, Asuka then knocks Lacey off the apron with a running hip attack, Shotzi then hits an enzuigiri on Asuka, Asuka then hits a german suplex on Shotzi, Liv then hits a codebreaker on Shotzi, Asuka and Bliss then land a double dropkick on Raquel, Lacey then hits the women's right on Bliss, Asuka then hits a spinning backfist on Lacey, Liv then hits the oblivion on Shotzi to secure the pinfall victory.

Winners via pinfall: Liv Morgan, Alexa Bliss, and Asuka at 13:16.

- Sonya Deville tells Adam Pearce that she filed a formal complaint to WWE management after being put in a 2-on-1 handicap match last week, Sonya then slaps Pearce. 

- The Usos make their entrance, The Street Profits and The Usos will participate in an "ask me anything" next. 

- The Usos and The Street Profits are in the ring with Kayla Braxton, Kayla asks The Usos how fearful are they to lose the tag titles and if they are more fearful of how Roman will react if they lose, Jimmy says that out of any question the WWE universe could of asked them, they asked them if they're fearful, Jimmy says that the Bloodlines runs all of the shows, Montez Ford says that Roman runs the whole show, Angelo Dawkins says that The Usos just get the groceries, Kayla then asks The Street Profits if they lost their killer instinct, Kayla says that she's heard that the Street Profits aren't on the same page, Montez then asks Kayla if she got that information from the dirtsheets, Montez says that the Usos aren't prepared for a hungry, starving Street Profits, Ford says that the Usos legacy is coming to an end, and there's will begin, Jey tells Montez to keep his legacy out of his mouth, Jey says that the Street Profits move, walk, and talk like them but they aren't them, Dawkins says that they're going to beat their asses tomorrow to become the new undisputed tag team champions.

- Max Dupri tells Adam Pearce that he will finally reveal the newest member of Maximum Male Models, next.

- We get a video package hyping up Gunther.

- Max Dupri is in the ring with a spotlight on him, Dupri says that Maximum Male Models is an agency that's based on passion and fashion, Dupri then introduces the newest  member, Ma.ce (Mace), Ma.ce then walks the ramp as if its a beauty pageant, Ma.ce then poses as Dupri goes over his measurements and poses, Dupri then introduces the next member, Man.soor (Mansoor), Man.soor then also poses as Dupri hypes him up, Man-Soor and Ma.ce then poses together for pictures. 

- Ronda Rousey is interviewed, Ronda says that her baby is nine months old, not ten, Ronda says that Natalya can count on her retaining the championship tomorrow.

Match 3: The Miz vs Madcap Moss vs Happy Corbin vs Ezekiel

- The match starts off with Corbin and Ezekiel brawling as Miz brawls with Madcap, Madcap then closelines Corbin, Miz then rolls up Madcap for a two count, Ezekiel then hits a snap suplex on Madcap, Corbin the lands a series of punches to the stomach of Madcap in the corner, Miz then lands a series of kicks to Madcap in the corner, Corner then hits a running splash on Madcap in the corner, Corbin then directs Miz to land a closeline on Madcap but Corbin lands a closeline on Miz, Corbin then sends Madcap into the steel steps, Corbin then suplexes Miz on the apron, Corbin then chokeslams Ezekiel on the announce table as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Madcap lands a series of punches on Miz, followed by a running shoulder tackle, Madcap then hits a flapjack on Corbin, Madcap then slams Miz down face first Madcap then catapults Miz into Corbin's crotch, Ezekiel then hits a crossbody from the top rope but Madcap catches him before landing a fallaway slam, Miz then lands a series of kicks to the chests of Ezekiel and Madcap, Miz then hits a kick to the head of Ezekiel, Miz then hits a neckbreaker on Madcap, Miz goes for the pinfall but Corbin breaks it up, Corbin then hits the deep six on Miz for a nearfall, Ezekiel then lands a series of punches on Corbin, followed by a thrust kick and a closeline, Ezekiel then lands a series of corner splashes on Miz and Madcap, Ezekiel then hits a jumping knee to the face of Corbin, Ezekiel then hits a spinebuster on Madcap, Miz then hits the skull crushing finale on Madcap, Miz goes for the pin but Corbin drags him to the outside, Corbin then hits the end of days on Ezekiel, Corbin goes for the pin but Madcap breaks it up, Madcap then sends Corbin shoulder first into the ring post, Madcap then pins Ezekiel to secure the pinfall victory and the final spot in the men's Money In The Bank ladder match.

Winner via pinfall: Madcap Moss at 10:34.

Smackdown ends with Madcap Moss celebrating in the ring.