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WWE Friday Night SmackDown
July 22nd, 2022
The TD Garden
Boston, Massachusetts

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, which is emanating for the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. Announced for tonight's show, Shinsuke Nakamura will take on Ludwig Kaiser, Smackdown's women's champion Liv Morgan will go face-to-face with her challenger at Summerslam, Ronda Rousey, Maxxine Dupree will make her debut along side Maximum Male Models, and Stephanie McMahon will kick off Smackdown with an announcement.

- Smackdown  kicks off with Stephanie McMahon, Stephanie welcomes everyone to Friday Night SmackDown, Stephanie says that earlier today Vince McMahon retired from WWE, Stephanie says that this is the company that he founded, Stephanie says that Vince thanks all of you, Stephanie says that we are eternally thankful of the fans and staff, Stephanie then get another "thank you Vince" chant, 

- The Street Profits then make their entrance through the crowd, Dawkins says that they're going to win the Undisputed WWE tag team champions at Summerslam, Theory then interrupts, Theory, Theory says that no one cares what they're doing at Summerslam, Theory says that he's going to take back the US title at Summerslam, and then he's going to cash in on Brock or Roman, The Usos then interrupt, Jey says that everyone needs to keep the Tribal chief's name out of their mouth, Jey says if the mention him again they might not make it to Summerslam, Theory tells Ford that him and his wife will walk out of Summerslam will no titles, all men then start brawling before Madcap Moss makes the save, The Usos and Theory then beat down Madcap but The Street Profits help fight them off. Dawkins then hits a cannonball to the outside, taking out The Usos and Theory. 

Match 1: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Ludwig Kaiser

- The match starts off with Ludwig attacking Nakamura in the corner, landing a series of stiff punches, Ludwig then lands a series of punches on the forehead of Shinsuke, Nakamura then lands a kick to the chest of Kaiser, Shinsuke then hits the good vibrations on Kaiser in the corner, Ludwig then hits an unhook suplex on Nakamura, followed by a running punt to the chest of Nakamura to secure a nearfall, Shinsuke then lands a running jumping knee to the stomach of Ludwig in the corner, Ludwig then trips Shinsuke on the apron, before sending him into the steel steps as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Shinsuke land a running sliding knee to the face of Ludwig, followed by a german suplex in the ropes for a nearfall, Shinsuke then hits a roundhouse side kick to the face of Ludwig, Ludwig then hits a DDT on Shinsuke to secure the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Shinsuke Nakamura 

- Gunther then lands a chop to the chest of Ludwig on the ramp. 

- Kayla Braxton then interviews Ronda Rousey and Liv Morgan, Ronda then sends Kayla away so he can talk to Liv alone, Ronda says that she respects Liv but she is going to beat her at Summerslam because she's Ronda Rousey, Ronda says that after she wins at Summerslam, she wants Liv to shake her hand, Liv says that she loves, wants, and needs this more than Ronda, Liv says that she will shake Ronda's hand at Summerslam, Ronda says that Liv has more passion than everyone, except her.

- Happy Corbin then attacks Pat McAfee as he's commentating, Corbin sends Pat face first into the announce table, Corbin then throws McAfee into the barricade, Pat then chases Corbin backstage, both men then fight backstage before needing to be separated. 

- Pat McAfee says that before he sits down on commentary, he has something to say to Corbin, Pat says that at Summerslam, Corbin won't be able to jump him from behind, 

Match 2: Jinder Mahal and Shanky vs The Viking Raiders. 

- The match starts off with Jinder and Erik,;Erik then hits a hammer fist on Jinder, both Raiders then beat down Jinder as Ivar makes his way into the match, Ivar then lands a series of elbows on Jinder in the corner, Jinder then hits a superkick on Ivar, Ivar then lands a seated splash on Jinder in the corner, Ivar then sends Jinder into the steel steps before throwing them into The New Day on the outside to secure the countout victory.

Winners via countout: The Viking Raiders at 1:31.

- Sonya Deville interrupts Adam Pearce in his office, Sonya says that every show Pearce is on is a disaster, Sonya says that Pearce should hire someone to help out his resume, Pearce says that Sonya will have a match with Raquel Rodriguez tonight. 

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- Sheamus makes his entrance with Butch and Ridge Holland, Sheamus says that there's a bit of a stench in here, Sheamus says that tonight's he going to make history, Sheamus says that he was suppose kick in Drew's head, Sheamus says that Drew came in with a sword, trying to take his head off, Sheamus says that he wants the sword banned from ringside the next time he faces Drew, Sheamus say that the sword has no place in this ring, Drew then interrupts, Sheamus then sends Ridge and Butch away as Drew drops his sword, Drew says that Sheamus become a bitch, Drew says that him and Sheamus traveled the roads together before both getting WWE contracts at the same time, Drew says that we need a new champion, a warrior and a workhorse, Drew then challenges Sheamus to a match right now, Drew tells Sheamus to show some passion and balls, Sheamus then asks the fans if they want the match before telling Drew he's not fighting him tonight, Sheamus says that he will face Drew next week on Smackdown, Sheamus says that there's no sword allowed but the match will be no DQ, no countout, Sheamus then reveals a bunch of shillelagh on the table in the ring, Pearce then comes out and makes the match official for next week, Drew then breaks one of the shillelaghs in half with his sword. 

Match 3: Sonya Deville vs Raquel Rodriguez

- The match starts off with Raquel and Sonya locking up, Sonya then pulls the hair of Raquel in the corner, Sonya then slaps Raquel on the face, Sonya then sends Raquel into the turnbuckle face first, Sonya then hits a running knee to the face of Raquel to secure a nearfall, Raquel then hits a fallaway slam, Raquel then hits a corkscrew elbow from the top rope, Raquel goes for pinfall but Sonya grabs the bottom rope, Sonya then hits a DDT on Raquel for a nearfall, Sonya then lands two kicks to the chest of Raquel, Raquel then hits the Chingona on Sonya to secure the pinfall victory. 

Winner via pinfall: Raquel Rodriguez at 3:40.

- Lacey Evans says that city of Boston was founded by American heroes, good people like her, Lacey says that its no  wonder why Tom Brady left Boston, Lacey says that no one in the crowd has accomplished anything recently, Lacey says that she wakes up, works, and wins, Lacey says that there's not a single person in this building that can walk a mile in her shoes, Lacey Evans then hits the women's right on Aliyah.

- Kayla Braxton interviews Jeff Jarrett, Jarrett says that its an honor to be the special guest referee at Summerslam, Jarrett says that this is the biggest tag team match in WWE history, Jarrett says they need a man who will call it right down the middle, and thats him. 

- Maxxine Dupree says that next week we will see the next line in The Maximum Male Models.

Match 4: The Usos and Theory vs The Street Profits and Madcap Moss.

- The match starts off with Jimmy and Dawkins, Dawkins then roll up Jimmy for a two count, Dawkins then hits a dropkick to the face of Jimmy to secure a two count, Dawkins then hits a running splash onto Jimmy in the corner, The Profits then hits a doubleteam dropkick on Jimmy and Jey, Madcap then knocks Theory off the apron as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Madcap lock Jey in a headlock, Theory then lands a series of punches on Madcap, Theory then hits two shoulder tackles on Madcap in the corner, Theory then lands a series of elbows to the side of Madcap's head, Jimmy then lands a series of punches on Madcap in the corner, Dawkins then hits an enzuigiri onto Jey, Ford then hits a crossbody from the top rope onto Jey to secure a nearfall, Ford then hits an enzuigiri on Jey, Ford then hits a running apron kick to the chest of Theory, Jey then knocks Ford off the apron into the announce table, Ford then thrown into the timekeeper's area as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- Moss then hits two closelines on Jimmy, Madcap then hits a fallaway slam on Theory, Madcap then hits a one-armed slam on Jimmy to secure a nearfall, Jimmy then hits a superkick on Madcap to secure a nearfall, Jimmy then goes to tag Theory but Theory jumps off the apron, Jey then hits Theory with a superkick on the outside, Jimmy then hits a superkick on Theory, Ford then hits a dive over the top rope, taking out The Usos, Theory and Madcap then exchange a series of punches in the ring, Theory then hits a neckbreaker on the knee to secure a nearfall, Madcap then hits a pounce on Theory, Theory then hits Madcap with the briefcase, causing the disqualification.

Winners via disqualification: Madcap Moss and The Street Profits at 16:49.

- After the match, Theory beats down Madcap Moss with the briefcase, Brock Lesnar then comes out, Brock then lands a big boot to the stomach of Theory, Brock then hits an F5 on Theory, Brock then beats Theory down with the briefcase before hitting another F5.