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WWE Friday Night SmackDown
July 8th, 2022
The Dickies Arena
Fort Worth, Texas

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, which is emanating from The Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas. Announced for tonight's show, we will hear from the new Smackdown women's champion, Liv Morgan and former champion Ronda Rousey, Maximum Male Models will reveal their tennis collection, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre will battle in a number ones contender match for The Undisputed Universal champion at the Clash At The Castle, plus, the Undisputed Universal champion Roman Reigns will make his return to Smackdown. 

-Smackdown starts off with highlights from Theory losing the US title and then winning the Money In The Bank briefcase.

- Smackdown officially kicks off with THe Bloodline. We see Theory on the ramp with the Money In The Bank briefcase as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- Roman Reigns asks Fort Worth Texas to acknowledge him, Roman says that when the Tribal chief is in the picture business picks up, Roman says that as long as God wakes him up he can do anything, Roman says that he's healthy and happy to be on his show Smackdown, Roman asks why Heyman looks so concerned and worried, Roman says that he shouldn't be concerned because Roman is the GOAT, Roman then asks Heyman to put his hang out, Roman then gives Heyman the mic, Heyman says that he loves Roman and The Usos, Heyman says that we have a problem, and that problems name is Brock Lesnar, Heyman then calls Roman the GOAT in an era where no one can keep a title, Roman has held the championship for over 600 days, Heyman says that Brock doesn't respect that and he has one last chance against Roman, Heyman says that when Brock is cornered, he's at his best, Heyman says that Brock beat The Rock and ended the streak, Heyman says that were going to have to see a violent Roman Reigns, Heyman says that Roman will have to put forth the best and most dangerous Roman Reigns of all time, Heyman then bows down and pays at the knees of Roman Reigns, Theory then comes out, Theory then runs a lap around the ring before leaving up the ramp. 

- We get a video package highlighting the feud between The New Day and The Viking Raiders. 

Match 1: The Viking Raiders vs Shanky and Jinder Mahal

- The match starts off with Ivar and Shanky but Jinder immediately tags himself in, Ivar and Erik then pound away on Jinder, Erik then puts Jinder in an armlock, Jinder then lands a kick to the face of Erik, The Viking Raiders then hit a doubleteam powerbomb on Jinder to secure the pinfall victory.

Winners via pinfall: The Viking Raiders at 1:12.

- After the match, Erik and Ivar continue to beat down Shanky and Jinder, The New Day then interrupts, Kofi says that they gotten their asses kicked by the Raiders two weeks away, Kofi says that their butts are still there so the Raiders didn't do their job good enough, Xavier and Kofi then pull out "ass beating tickets." The New Day then attack The Raiders, Erik slams Kofi down, Erik then lands a knee to the face of Xavier, Ivar then hits a powerslam on Kofi from the second rope. 

- We see footage of Happy Corbin attacking Pat McAfee after Money In The Bank went off the air.

- Happy Corbin then joins Michael Cole and Corey Grave on commentary.

Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser make their entrance, Gunther will host an open challenge for his Intercontinental Championship next.

- Ludwig Kaiser says that there's no competitor worthy of facing Gunther, Kaiser then says that the fans aren't worthy enough to watch Gunther wrestle, Gunther says that any champion who takes on a challenge from a mystery opponent is foolish because someone should earn their shot at his Intercontinental Championship, Shinsuke Nakamura then interrupts as Corbin jams out to Nakamura's entrance, making fun of Pat McAfee, Shinsuke tells Gunther to keep that title for now, Shinsuke then challenges Ludwig Kaiser.

Match 2: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Ludwig Kaiser

- The match starts off with Shinsuke hitting a running german suplex on Kaiser as he lays seated inbetween the ropes, Gunther then distracts Nakamura, which allows Kaiser to hit a running dropkick to the face of Nakamura on the apron as we go to commercial break. 

*Commercial break*

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- We are back from commercial as we see Ludwig put Shinsuke in a headlock, Shinsuke then lands a running jumping boot to the face of Kaiser, Shinsuke then lands a kick to the back of Ludwig's neck, Nakamura then lands an enzuigiri on Ludwig, Shinsuke then lands a running jump knee to the stomach of Kaiser for a nearfall, Kaiser then lands an Enzuigiri on Nakamura in the corner, followed by a double underhook suplex, Nakamura then lands a sidekick on Kaiser, followed by the Kinshasa on Kaiser to secure the pinfall victory. 

Winner via pinfall: Shinsuke Nakamura at 5:39. 

- After the match, Gunther yells at Kaiser, Gunther then chops the chest of Gunther, Gunther then hits Kaiser with another chop to the chest but Kaiser refuses to stay down, Gunther then chops Kaiser with a stiff chop for the third time, sending Kaiser to the mat below. 

- We get a video package highlighting the women's Money In The Bank ladder match and Liv Morgan's cash-on on Ronda.

- Liv Morgan makes her entrance, we will hear from the new Smackdown women's champion next.

- Michael Cole interviews Liv Morgan in the ring as the crowd chants "you deserve it," Liv tells Ronda to bring herself to Summerslam, Liv says that the title is a combination of a lifetime of blood, sweat, and tears, Liv says that she will work ten times as hard to keep the title, Michael Cole says that Liv was a waitress ten years ago and she almost came so close to winning the big match but she's had many setbacks, Liv says that she's dreamed about this her whole entire life, Liv says to never give up and follow your dreams, Natalya then interrupts, Natalya says that she can dream of when Liv finally shuts up, Natalya says that Liv is only champion because of her, Natalya says that Liv can't beat Ronda fresh and only because she injured her, Natalya says that she enjoyed the hell out of the match, Ronda Rouse then interrupts, Ronda once again congratulations Liv, Ronda tells Liv to savior this honeymoon faze because it's easier to win the championship to keep it, Ronda says that she isn't dressed to compete, Natalya then attacks Ronda from behind, Liv then sends Natalya outside the ring.

Match 3: Ronda Rousey vs Natalya

- The match starts off with Ronda punching away at the leg of Natalya, Ronda then kicks the leg of Natalya, sending her to the outside, Ronda then slams the knee of Natalya against the ring apron, Natalya then tries to retreat up the ramp but Ronda lands a kick to the back of Natalya's leg, Ronda then puts Natalya in an anklelock in the corner, Ronda then hits a modified fisherman's suplex on Natalya, Ronda then locks Natalya in another anklelock to secure the submission victory.

Winner via submission: Ronda Rousey at 2:17.

- Drew McIntyre says that Clash At The Castle is going to he huge and he's coming out the Undisputed Universal champion, no matter if its Roman, Brock, or Theory, Drew says that Sheamus, Butch, and Ridge Holland might have the three man advantage, but he was the better three, one, two, three claymore kick. 

- Max Dupri makes his entrance, we will see the tennis fashion line from Maximum Male Models next. Max Dupri introduces Ma.ce as he poses in tennis attire, Max Dupri then introduces Man.soor as he poses in his tennis attire.

- Before the match, Lacey Evans makes her entrance a total of three times, with attempts to get a louder crowd reaction each time. Lacey then complains to the fans about getting a subpar reaction, Lacey says that it bothers everyone to look at a woman like her because of all the struggles she's gone through, Lacey says that when she's in the ring she should be getting a standing ovation, Lacey then says that they can't stand up from all the pork, Lacey then calls all of the fans disgusting, Lacey says that she's an American hero who's put her life on the line, Lacey says that until he receives the respect she deserves, everyone can go to hell. Lacey Evans then takes out Aliyah with the women's right. 

Match 4: The Usos vs Los Lotharios

- We see humberto with an armlock on Jimmy, Los Lotharios then attempts tope suicidas but The Usos back up, Los Lotharios then take out the Usos with kicks through the ropes, Humberto then lands an armdrag on Jimmy, Jimmy then throws Angel into a samoan drop from Jey, Angel then hits a superkick on Jimmy, Angel then jumps to the outside but Jimmy hits him in mid-air with a superkick, The Usos then hits the 1-D on Humberto to secure the pinfall victory. 

Winner via pinfall: The Usos at 2:06.

- Kayla Braxton interviews the Usos, Kayla says that it looks like The Usos cheated at Money In The Bank, Jimmy says that's on the ref and not them, Kayla then says that they will have a special referee at Summerslam, Drew McIntyre then interrupts. 

Match 5: Drew McIntyre vs Butch 

- Before the match, Sheamus starts coughing, Sheamus says that he can't compete until he gets tested, Sheamus says that he has a backup plan, Sheamus says that Butch will fight Drew instead. 

- The match starts off with Drew landing belly-to-belly on Butch, Butch then punches aways at Drew before looking in a standing keylock, Drew then hits Butch with a headbutt and a belly-to-belly suplex, Drew then hits a neckbreaker on Butch, Drew then hits  a claymore on Butch to secure the pinfall victory. 

Winner via pinfall: Drew McIntyre at 1:30.

- After the match, Ridge Holland attacks Drew, Drew then hits a future shock DDT on Ridge.

- Sheamus then gets on the apron but Drew taunts him with his sword, Drew then cuts the top rope in half with his sword. Smackdown ends with Drew McIntyre standing tall with his sword as The Brawling Brutes retreat.