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WWE gives Keith Lee a new nickname for his character makeover

During the dark match before tonight’s episode of WWE Raw, Keith Lee wrestled and was announced as Keith “Bearcat” Lee.

As noted earlier, Lee has been growing out his facial hair as part of his character makeover. Click here to see that photo. reported a few weeks ago that there was talk of turning Lee heel and Dave Meltzer reported that an idea was pitched for Adam Cole to be his manager in a role similar to what Lio Rush did for Bobby Lashley a few years ago.

The heel turn is not confirmed because he is still wrestling as a babyface on dark matches and plans can change. The “Bearcat” name is not confirmed to be permanent yet because they could be trying out different names until he makes his return to TV but you can hear the ring announcer call him Keith “Bearcat” Lee in the video below.

Edward Wright wrestled as Bearcat Wright from the late 1950s until the early 1980s so that might be the inspiration for Lee’s nickname.

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