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WWE gives Retribution individual names for their first match on Monday Night Raw

This week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw closed out with The Hurt Business and Retribution in a Six-Man Tag Team Match. This was Retribution’s first actual match as a faction on the main roster. The three Retribution members in the match were introduced as Slapjack, T-BAR and Mace so it looks like WWE is going to pretend like they are new guys and not wrestlers from NXT even though it’s clear that two of them are Dominik Dijakovic and Dio Maddin.

Earlier in the show, they had their faces revealed and they were involved in a brawl with The Hurt Business with other unidentified Retribution members joining in on the attack. The announcers said Retribution were signed to WWE contracts and somehow that meant that they had free reign to do whatever they wanted.

There was no finish to the main event because a dozen or so unidentified Retribution members ran down to the ring and ab big brawl broke out as other WWE Raw stars ran out to even things up. The show closed with the Drew McIntyre standing tall and then Randy Orton attacking McIntyre with an RKO from out of nowhere.

This was a newsworthy episode of Monday Night Raw. In addition to the earlier appearance from Retribution, Braun Strowman beat Dabba-Kato in Raw Underground, Zelina Vega became the number 1 contender for Asuka’s Raw Women’s Title, and Seth Rollins made a shocking allegation about Rey Mysterio’s daughter. Click here for more news from Monday Night Raw.

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