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WWE Great Balls Of Fire 2017 PPV Results: Brock Lesnar retains Universal Championship, Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman

Show: Great Balls of Fire
Location: Dallas, Texas at the American Airlines Center
Date: 7/9/17
Airing Live On The WWE Network

Welcome to the WWE Great Balls of Fire pre-show, and we are live on the WWE Network. Renee Young, David Otunga, and Peter Rosenberg consist of the panel. Paul Heyman will be appearing on the social media lounge. Renee Young hyped Neville vs. Akira Tozawa. There was a video package to hype Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman. Seth Rollins cut a backstage promo about facing Bray Wyatt tonight. He vowed to make Wyatt pay for his sins. Dana Brooke joined the panel to talk about Sasha Banks – Alexa Bliss. She picked Bliss to retain. Heyman took fan questions. He said that Samoa Joe is the most dangerous opponent that Brock Lesnar has ever faced.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match (Kickoff Show): Neville © vs. Akira Tozawa

They lock up and Neville knocks him down. Tozawa briefly fought back but Neville sent him to the floor as we cut to break.

We’re back with Neville in control as he hit a big boot. Tozawa fought back with a series chops then hit a back suplex. Tozawa went for his finisher off the top rope but Neville moved out of the ring. Tozawa hit an outside dive then sent him back into the ring and pinned him for 2. Neville caught him but Tozawa locked in an octopus stretch but Neville got to the ropes. Neville landed a clothesline then a series of kicks for 2. Neville missed the Red Arrow and Tozawa rolled him up for 2. Tozawa with the shining wizard and went to the top rope and hit a backsplash but Neville rolled out of the ring. Back in the ring, Neville knocked him off the top rope. Neville kicked him in the gut for the win.

Winner: Neville.

Welcome to the Great Balls of Fire PPV! We get an intro video package to hype the matches that will be taking place tonight. Our opening contest is…

Singles Match: Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins

They started brawling to begin the match. Rollins caught him with a knee and a kick, which made Wyatt laugh. Rollins missed a big boot, and Wyatt rolled to the floor. Rollins caught him with a kick, but when he went for a dive, Wyatt caught him with a punch. Wyatt tossed him into the barricade and back in the ring. Wyatt connected with a super plex off the top rope for 2. Wyatt landed a big strike to the back of Rollins then sent him face first into the apron for 2. Wyatt missed a back splash. Rollins ducked a clothesline and went for a Falcon Arrow, but Wyatt blocked. Rollins hit a drop kick instead then landed an outside dive. Back in the ring, Rollins hit a dive for 2. Rollins connected with the blockbuster off the middle rope for 2. Wyatt caught a kick and went for Sister Abigail, but Rollins caught him with a kick. Wyatt turned things around with a big clothesline. Rollins reversed a move and hit the Falcon Arrow for 2. Wyatt knocked him off the top rope and covered him for 2. Wyatt hit a big slam for 2. Wyatt poked him in the eye and hit Sister Abigail for the win.

Winner: Wyatt.

A video package was shown to hype the next match. Enzo Amore walked out and cut a promo about how this is going to be a war. He said that life is not fair. He said that they were riding high in April but low in May. He refereed a Frank Sinatra song. He said that Big Cass would be in his shadow because he is about to be bigger than life. He called Cass SAWFT.

Singles Match: Enzo Amore vs. Big Cass

Amore attempted to put up a fight but that didn’t last long. Cass put the boots to him in the corner. Cass tossed him around the ring and slapped him around. The fans attempted to cheer on Amore while Cass beat him down. Cass tossed him flying over the top rope and crashing to the floor. Cass hit a big boot for the win.

Winner: Big Cass.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship 30-Minute Iron Man Match: Sheamus & Cesaro vs. The Hardy Boyz

Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick on Matt, who was distracted by Cesaro, for the first fall. Elements of Sheamus – Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 28.

Jeff and Sheamus are legal. Jeff put the boots to him in the corner then hit a double drop kick. Cesaro lifted up Jeff and sent him into the corner. Matt was tagged in and sent Sheamus face first into the apron several times. Matt hit a DDT to Sheamus for 2. Jeff and Matt hit a double elbow drop. Jeff covered him for 2. Sheamus sent Jeff crashing to the floor. Cesaro took a cheap shot and Matt attacked him for it. Sheamus tossed him back into the ring and hit a double axe for 2. Sheamus hit a knee drop off the top rope for 2. Cesaro and Sheamus worked over Jeff for several minutes. Jeff finally fought back and hit a backdrop but it was after Cesaro hit Matt with a big back drop. Sheamus and Cesaro hit their tag team finisher for the second fall.

Sheamus missed a spear and ate the ring post. Matt finally got the hot tag and sent Cesaro into three turnbuckles several times. Matt hit a clothesline then a bulldog for 2. Matt hit an elbow drop for 2. Jeff was tagged in and hit a splash in the corner. Jeff hit the Twist of Fate for their first fall. Sheamus and Cesaro lead 2-1.

Jeff hit a front face suplex to Cesaro for 2. Cesaro with an uppercut then tagged in Sheamus. Jeff caught him with a kick then a series of right hands and a kick in the corner for 2. The Hardy Boyz hit a double suplex for 2 as Cesaro made the save. Matt was tagged in but Cesaro sent him face-first into the ring post. Matt was counted out as Sheamus was the legal man. Sheamus and Cesaro are up 3-1.

Sheamus locked in a headlock on Matt. Sheamus hit a series of clubbing shots then tossed him to the floor. Sheamus and Cesaro hit a double suplex for 2. Matt hit the side effect for 2. Cesaro locked in the Sharpshooter on Matt after he hit Jeff with a big boot. Jeff broke it up. Sheamus knocked Jeff off the apron. Jeff was tagged in and pinned Cesaro while Matt held him down. The champions lead 3-2. Jeff hit Whisper in the Wind to Cesaro for 2. Cesaro went for a dive but Matt knocked him down and Jeff hit a leg drop to Sheamus. Jeff with a dropkick for 2. Matt was tagged in and hit a tornado DDT for 2. Sheamus blocked a Twist of Fate and sent Matt to the corner. Sheamus went for a back suplex off the top rope but Matt knocked him down and hit a moonsault for 2 as Cesaro broke it up. Jeff sent Cesaro to the floor. Matt hit a Twist of Fate off the top rope to tie things up 3-3.

We are in sudden death. The official checked with Sheamus. Jeff knocked him down and went to the top rope but Cesaro pulled Sheamus to the floor. Jeff hit an outside dive to both of them. Matt and Jeff hit a double team dive for 2 as Cesaro broke it up. Matt was tagged in but Cesaro caught him with an uppercut and Sheamus rolled him up for 2. Matt suffered a cut and was bleeding. Matt knocked him down and Jeff hit Swanton Bomb to Sheamus but Cesaro rolled up Jeff for the fall. With seconds left, Cesaro ran from Jeff. Jeff hit Twist of Fate as the bell sounded.

Winner: Cesaro & Sheamus 4-3 – still Raw Tag Team Champs

WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match: Alexa Bliss © vs. Sasha Banks

They lock up and Bliss hit a shoulder tackle. Banks caught her with a drop kick. Banks with a snap mare then taunted her. Banks dropped her shoulder first to the mat. Bliss faked an arm injury and hit a big right hand. Banks went for the Bank Statement but Bliss got out of it and rolled to the floor. Bliss was walking up the ramp but Banks grabbed her and sent her into the apron. Bliss with a series of knee drops then a backdrop for 2. Banks landed a kick then a back suplex followed by a running knee for 2.

Bliss hit a sunset flip powerbomb for 2. Bliss went to the top rope and hit a dive but Banks put her knees up and locked in the Bank Statement but Bliss got to the bottom rope. Bliss smashed Banks’ face into the apron. Banks sent Bliss back first into the barricade then into the ring but Bliss stayed on the outside. Banks won the match by count out.

Winner: Banks via count out. Bliss retains.

Post-match, Banks attacked Bliss as she walked up the ramp to the stage. Banks reversed a move and tossed Bliss off the announce table. Banks then hit a knee drop off the table onto Bliss. Banks stood tall.

A recap video of Neville beating Tozawa was shown. We see Tozawa talking with Titus O’Neil backstage. Tozawa demanded that he get a rematch.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: The Miz © vs. Dean Ambrose

They start brawling to begin the match. Miz knocked him down and put the boots to him. Ambrose rolled him up for 2, but Miz followed up with a clothesline. Ambrose with a swinging neck breaker for 2. Ambrose with a series of right hands then a big clothesline. He fired up and put him on the top rope and hit a suplex for 2. Miz with a drop kick to Ambrose’s leg. Miz placed him in the corner and hit a series of drop kicks. Ambrose caught him with a clothesline.

It should be noted that Ambrose was bleeding from his mouth. Miz dropped him and locked in the Figure Four Leg Lock, but Ambrose got to the bottom rope. Miz landed a series of kicks but missed a splash in the corner. Ambrose hit a dive off the top rope for 2. Miz kicked Ambrose out of the ring, but Ambrose hit a clothesline then a dive off the top rope onto Miz on the floor as well as Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds, but Maryse put Miz’s leg on the bottom rope and then pulled him out of the ring. Ambrose hit an outside dive then sent Miz back into the ring. Dallas and Axel distracted Ambrose, which allowed Miz to hit Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winner: The Miz – still IC Champion.

Ambulance Match: Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman

They started brawling and then Strowman punched him in the face. Strowman with a series of clotheslines in the corner. Reigns rolled to the floor and sent Strowman into the ring post. Strowman fired up and sent Reigns into the post then the steel steps. Strowman hit him with the stairs but then missed a tackle and ate the post. Reigns avoided a spear and hit the drive bye. Reigns grabbed a chair and hit Strowman with it. Reigns hit him again, but Strowman no sold it. Strowman knocked him down and sent him into the stage. Strowman went for a powerbomb, but Reigns got out of it and landed right hands. Strowman tossed him into the ambulance off the stage. Strowman attempted to put Reigns in the ambulance but Reigns fought back by bouncing Strowman’s face off the vehicle. Reigns hit a superman punch that forced Strowman half way through the ambulance. Strowman hit a big boot and Reigns hit another superman punch. Strowman hit Reigns with the back board several times. Strowman tossed Reigns onto the stage then went for a tackle, but Reigns avoided it and sent Strowman through the screen. Strowman tossed Reigns off the stage. Reigns hit Strowman with a lighting grid then missed a spear and went straight into the ambulance. Strowman wins.

Winner: Strowman.

Post-match, Reigns attacked Strowman and hit him with the ambulance door several times. Reigns tossed him into the ambulance and drove off to the backstage area. Reigns drove the ambulance backward and into a hauler. We see Kurt Angle in shock as Reigns walked away. Agents tried to get in there but couldn’t get to Strowman.

Singles Match: Curt Hawkins vs. Heath Slater

They start wrestling as the announcers sell the angle. We hear sirens of fire trucks arriving at the scene. We see them show up and try to get to Strowman. We don’t see the finish of the match, but it’s announced that Slater won the match. The firefighters use the jaws of life to get the door open, which they open. Medics checked on Strowman, who refused attention. Strowman told them to leave him alone as he walked away.

WWE Universal Championship Match: Brock Lesnar © vs. Samoa Joe

As Heyman was doing Lesnar’s introduction, Joe attacked Lesnar from behind. Joe hit a power slam sending Lesnar through the announce table. Lesnar makes it to his feet and back into the ring moments later. Joe hit a back splash and then a kick in the corner. They exchanged knee strikes while in the clinch. Joe went for the coquina clutch and locked it in but sent Joe face first into the turnbuckle. Lesnar hit the first suplex of the night. Suplex City time! Lesnar hit two more times. Lesnar went for it again, but Joe hit a low blow, but the referee didn’t see it. Joe with a power slam for 2. Joe went for the coquina clutch, but Lesnar got out of it with a back suplex.

Lesnar missed a spear and ate the ring post. Joe went for the clutch again, but Lesnar moved and started hitting suplexes. Lesnar went for the F5, but Joe got out of it and locked in the coquina clutch once again. Lesnar got out of it and hit the F5 for the win.

Winner: Lesnar – still Universal Champion.

Lesnar and Heyman celebrated on the stage to close the show.

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