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WWE had plans for Damien Sandow to win the WWE Championship in 2013



During an interview with Chris Featherstone for Sportskeeda Wrestling, former WWE star Damien Sandow (Aron Stevens) said that he was supposed to go on to win the World Title after winning Money in the Bank in 2013:

“I was supposed to win it and I was supposed to cash it in. Cody and I had our feud. Everything was great. I heard I was going to win the World Title and Cody would chase me. We had a whole wonderful thing planned, and, yea, it didn’t happen, but, whatever. I’m still very proud of the Money in the Bank match we had, and I think Cody said this before that it was one of his favorite matches, if not his favorite in WWE, and mine too.

It has nothing to do with the fact that I won, but in Philadelphia, we had like seven heels and we made a babyface in that match. It was such a great moment. I remember when I was hiding out by Lilian [Garcia] in the pit, Cody had fought everybody off, and he had just a little bit of color, just enough to where you can see it, but they didn’t stop the match and all that crap. He’s climbing up, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, this is going to work.’ I slid in. It was magic and it took everyone involved in that match to do it. In my opinion, it was an absolute masterpiece.”

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