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This week on the "Kliq This" podcast, the topic is Sean Oliver and his life. The topics include Sean's early life in production, Sex and the City, Kayfabe Commentaries, and what's next.

During the show, Nash said WWE was planning on having “Bad to the Bone” as his ring entrance music when he was made WWE Champion:

“This is the honest to God’s truth. I actually shot the video for it. When they made me champion, they were going to have me come out to George Thorogood’s ‘Bad to the Bone.’ Then they found out it was $100,000 and they said no.”

Among many other topics, Nash also commented on his appearance on Fox News during the news coverage of the Chris Benoit double murder-suicide:

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"These motherf**kers. They put me behind a f**king barbecue shack on Atlantic Avenue with a monitor smaller than I'm looking at right now. I couldn't I couldn't see anything. You talking about bushwhacked."

Nash continued, "Hey let me ask you a question sweetheart. These f**king actors right, that f**king show up in these movies with a f**king eight pack and f**king put on 30 pounds for a f**king role. What do you think they do? Do you think gets creatine? You f**king stupid b**ch."

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