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WWE Hall of Famer believes CM Punk will do great in his first MMA fight

​When former WWE Champion CM Punk announced that he would be going from the squared circle to the octagon, some people loved it and some people didn’t. WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper gave his opinion on Punk going into MMA during a recent interview.

“I didn’t know that he was proficient in martial arts before that,” Piper said. “Then I saw him with one of the Gracies –he did a video. You know what? I give him all the respect in the world. I love the guy and he’s got the courage to leave someplace where you have millions of dollars and to go on and try something else. That’s what a man’s made out of. How he’ll do there? You know, we’ll all watch. He’s a smart kid and I think he’ll do great.”

While Punk’s MMA debut is not known at this time, it is expected later this year.

On a side note, for those who don’t know, UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey got her nickname (“Rowdy”) from Piper. He was one of her favorite wrestlers to watch as a kid.

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