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WWE Hall of Famer blasts Tough Enough contestant after calling Sara Lee a “ring rat”

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley posted a lengthy Facebook blog about Amanda claiming that Sara Lee, who was crowned the female winner of Tough Enough, being a “ring rat” in order to get votes during last night’s season finale. You can read what Foley wrote down below:


Yes, I kind of lost it for a few minutes while watching the season finale of WWE ‪#‎ToughEnough‬. Although I hadn’t commented publicly on the show since the ouster of Patrick Clark seven weeks ago, I’d been watching with my younger kids (who claim it’s “best show ever, in the history of TV) and have actually enjoyed the shows the past few weeks – when the emphasis was put on wrestling, instead of random “challenges”. I hadn’t planned on commenting on the show, voting, or telling anyone who to vote for.

Then I heard it – Amanda publicly “exposing” rumors of Sara Lee’s sex life, in an attempt to sway voters against her. My immediate thought: she just slut-shamed Sara Lee on national television” – and it struck me as a hateful, petty, vindictive thing to do. Alas, for Amanda, the tactic seemed to backfire, and the bikini model from Yorktown Heights lost in a nearly 2-1 landslide, despite having advantages in almost every category that would seem to matter – beauty, body, athleticism, a save from The Miz, and her self-professed “it” factor.

So I broke my silence, sent out a tweet about how I felt about the situation, and could not have been happier with the outcome of the show. Someone pointed out to me that, in fairness to Amanda, that “apparently there was evidence, Mick”. To which I replied “I don’t give a crap if there was “evidence” – it was mean-girl bullying and the antithesis of showing tolerance and respect.”

There’s a chance – probably a good chance – that WWE will hire Amanda to a developmental contract. If they do, I suggest they give her a little talk about sexual bullying, or “slut-shaming” – described by the Urban Dictionary as “an unfortunate phenomenon in which people degrade or mock a woman because she enjoys having sex, has sex a lot, or may even just be rumored to participate in sexual activity.” I wish one of the judges, coaches or other participants would have publicly acknowledged Amanda’s accusation. They didn’t. So I have.

What’s the big deal? Simple. Slut-shaming affects lives. It destroys lives. Sometimes, when the burden of public shaming becomes too much to bear, it can even end them.

I’ve put my time and money behind what I believe, which is the reason I’m proud to be part of the upcoming “UnSlut: A Documentary Film”. Please watch and share the trailer. You might just make the world a little better place for all mankind. Just turn down the volume if you’re watching at work….that “S” word come flying out at you a few times.


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