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WWE Hall Of Famer claims Kurt Angle is “taking plenty of roids”

WWE Hall Of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham is never shy to give his opinions on social media even if he draws attention from his critics.

Graham, who has been outspoken about the damage that steroids have done to their body, took to Facebook on Wednesday and commented on Kurt Angle’s transformation.

Graham complimented Angle on his physique and said that in addition to protein, a good diet and hard work, Angle also had help from steroids. For the record, there is no definitive proof that Angle is on steroids.

Graham said the following about Angle:

“2 Kurt Angles

So fans, Kurt Angle at age 51 has turned his physique completely around. With hard work, eating the right amount of protein, and taking plenty of roids, he has literally transformed himself into another person. I say congratulations to Kurt as I have always liked this man from the first day I met him. Very respectful to me and was and I am sure, still a class act. His quote that went along with this great bodybuilding shot was, ” Damn it feels good to be able to train hard again… feeling like I’m in my 30’s. ” Again, congratulations on having the guts to train hard. Even with the juice if you don’t train you can’t look like Kurt does here. Way to go brother !!!!”

You can read Graham’s full Facebook post below by clicking here.

Here is the new Kurt Angle photo:

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