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WWE Hall Of Famer Jimmy Hart needs help getting verified on Twitter



"The Mouth Of The South" Jimmy Hart is not a racist and he does not plan on attending a rally for the Ku Klux Klan. He wants everyone to know that because there's an imposter account making those claims.

Hart said the following on Twitter: "there is a twitter account (claiming to be me) that states I will be attending a klan rally - this is not the case - I will not be attending a klan rally - @verified - Twitter, please verify my account so this does not happen in the future."

It's surprising that Twitter has yet to verify him even though he has over 110,000 followers and several wrestlers have confirmed that @RealJimmyHart is the real deal. Hopefully, this can get squared away soon.

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In case anyone on Twitter is wondering, here's a tweet from Hulk Hogan from June where he tags Hart.