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WWE Hall Of Famer rips Shane McMahon for jumping off the Hell in a Cell

The insane bump from the top of the Hell in a Cell has gotten a mixed reaction from fans. Some loved the stunt while others showed concern and wished that he would never do anything like that again. There’s one WWE Hall Of Famer that wasn’t happy with McMahon’s jump from the cell.

The always outspoken former WWWF Champion and Hall Of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham took to Facebook to rip on McMahon and WWE for the stunt. He started off by referring to him as Shane “Idiot” McMahon. Graham continued, “As always, the WWE will first lie to us, then when they get caught they tell the fans the truth. I consider Shane McMahon to be nothing more than a rich man’s foolish son.”

Graham also referred to WWE’s statement that claimed that McMahon was taken to a local medical facility following the pay-per-view. Graham continued, “In a deliberate attempt to deceive us, the WWE released a statement that daddy’s little son was just fine after this leap below and now they have told us that he really is hurt. Disgusting and I have no sympathy for this spoiled brat and maybe he won’t try to defy gravity ever again for a worthless, meaningless, and dumb as Hell cheap pop.”

Make no mistake that McMahon was hurt during the match. In fact, he was hurting after the coast-to-coast dropkick long before the big jump from the top of the cell. Even had a story up about McMahon being rushed to the hospital. We don’t actually know if he was actually rushed to the hospital because WWE’s medical update was a mixture of real and fiction but the fact is that he was pretty banged up after the show and, at 47 years old, he might want to consider slowing down and not doing these type of crazy stunts.

Graham isn’t the only person bothered by McMahon’s stunts at big shows. Many wrestlers have privately grumbled about McMahon because he can get away with doing these big stunts and then taking off whenever he wants to recover while the rest of the roster is working 4-5 nights per week. Don’t get me wrong because wrestlers like him but there is some resentment from wrestlers that feel that McMahon is able to position himself as being superhuman for one or two matches per year and taking a spot (and a big payday) from someone else.

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