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WWE Hall of Famer Says Cody Rhodes vs MJF from AEW Revolution Wasn’t “Violent Enough”

WWE Hall of Famer and co-host of Busted Open Radio Bully Ray recently discussed the AEW Revolution PPV on the show. Specifically, Ray wanted to talk about the MJF vs Cody Rhodes match. The match has been built over the last few months of Dynamite, and was billed as a blood feud; Bully Ray believes that we did not see enough of the ‘hated’ between the two characters during the match.

Comparing The Match to Dusty – Bully Ray

“I was a little shocked that I didn’t see more fisticuffs right off the bat,” Bully began. “I saw Cody going for a clothesline and going for a kick, I saw him going for wrestling manoeuvres. And wrestling holds. I thought their story called for more violence in the fists, thunder in the fists. Things that will you would have seen from Dusty [Rhodes], or from Terry Funk.”

“The stories were all about the facials, the punches and the kicks”

Ray would then elaborate further on how he believed the match should’ve had more callbacks to feuds of yore. “I remember watching matches of Funk versus Lawler or Funk vs Dusty. The stories were all about the facials, the punches and the kicks. I thought there might have been a little too much ‘wrestling,’ however I really liked Cody and MJF for what it was. Probably, I would have had a little bit of a different take on the psychology of the match, and there were some things that went on in the body of that match that I did not understand.”

“Why did you decide to go in this direction?”

During the match MJF was busted open and it was not initially clear to the audience watching on PPV how exactly the cut occurred. Bully clarified on air that he felt this detracted from the match itself, saying; “If I had both guys in front of me I would question, why did you decide to go in this direction? I want to know how MJF was busted open. I want to know why he was bleeding. That part of the story was not told very well, and I think it’s a glaring part [to not address].

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