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WWE Hall of Famer Says Ruby Riott Could Be a ‘CM Punk Type’ of Character

WWE Hall of Famer and co-host of Busted Open Radio Bully Ray weighed in on this past Sunday’s Elimination Chamber PPV. Ray was critical of the Women’s Chamber match, saying that the likes of Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan had no real shot at winning the match; saying that this took any real suspense away from the bout. Bully was however quick to complement Ruby Riott, saying that there’s real potential for her to be a breakout star in future.

Ruby Riott = CM Punk?

“I think there’s a good chance for Ruby Riott” Bully began. “I really do. If they [WWE creative] found the right thing for her to do. You know, I could almost see Ruby being the female version of like a CM Punk. I know Heyman likes Liv Morgan. I’m not quite sure what they have going on for Sarah Logan, but, you know, [the match] felt like it dragged out. Because you knew none of them had a shot in hell of winning.”

Ruby Riott

Bully then went through the actual ‘viable’ challengers in the bout. “So it comes down to what are they going to do it Nattie. Well it’s not as if…she’s been around forever…we haven’t got to shine her up a little bit. Then we get to get to Asuka, who is already tag Champion. So, that’s my take. Great effort by all the women, no doubt they try their hardest, but there were just little things in that match that I would have done a lot different. And if I was the agent of the or the producer of that match, I would have had the women do a lot different.”

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