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WWE has a big singles match planned for Asuka



As noted several times on the site, things in WWE can change from day-to-day if Vince McMahon changes his mind for whatever reason.

Earlier, we wrote about how The OC invasion of NXT was not something in the plans as of a week ago but now they are building towards a match. Click here for spoiler news on what AJ Styles has pitched for the feud.

Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the finish for the Charlotte Flair and Natalya vs. Asuka vs. Kairi Sane match last Monday on Raw was also changed for some reason.

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Originally, it was supposed to be Asuka getting the pin on Natalya on Raw. The reason why Asuka was originally supposed to win is that the plan is (or was) to keep Asuka strong so she could challenge for Becky Lynch's Raw Women's Championship. On commentary, the announcers had been talking about how Asuka beat Becky Lynch at the Royal Rumble with the idea being that Lynch would want a rematch to avenge that loss.

Well, all of the Lynch-Asuka talk was not mentioned this week but it looks like that rematch is still on the table.

I won't spoil anything here but you can click here if you want spoilers from the Raw show that will air this coming Monday night. They did something at the Raw tapings in Manchester that would lead fans to think that a rematch will be happening soon, probably sometime after the Survivor Series. WWE has already announced a match for Lynch at the Survivor Series show so it would make sense to do the match next month at TLC and even more sense to wait and do it at the Royal Rumble since it would be the one year anniversary of their first pay-per-view match.

In the meantime, Lynch (Raw) vs. Shayna Baszler (NXT) vs. Bayley (SmackDown) is scheduled as one of the top matches at Survivor Series. WWE has yet to announce what Asuka will be doing on the show.