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WWE has a storyline twist planned for Baron Corbin

There is a storyline twist coming soon for Baron Corbin.

PWInsider is reporting that the videos that Corbin has been posting on social media will play out all week before SmackDown and then there will be some sort of storyline twist.

PWI noted that WWE filmed a lot of content with Corbin in Las Vegas over the weekend. It was also noted that there were plans to have Corbin film content with illusionist Criss Angel. It’s not clear if those plans went through as they expected.

On Sunday night, Corbin posted a video of himself with money he won at a casino. In a video posted on Monday, Corbin said he won more money while playing video poker and at the craps table.,In his third video, Corbin said he had enough money to buy himself a new shirt and a Presidential Suite. During Raw, Corbin sent out a photo of himself and three women around him having dinner.

Some of this storyline mirrors a storyline that was done in WCW with Diamond Dallas Page. DDP fell on hard times but eventually, a benefactor helped him get back on his feet and he turned his life around. The benefactor was never revealed but the plan was supposed to be that Kimberly Page saved him.

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