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WWE has a WrestleMania opponent for Omos that will surprise a lot of people



As of now, there is no obvious opponent for Omos at WWE WrestleMania and there has been speculation that he would be part of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. However, it looks like the battle royal is not in the plans for him and WWE has an opponent picked out.

WrestleVotes reported today that as of now, Omos is getting a singles WrestleMania match and that his opponent "may surprise some people."

It was noted that his opponent is not Veer Mahaan or Cody Rhodes. Another person who would likely be ruled out is Commander Azeez because Omos recently squashed him in a Raw match.

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There's nobody who is obvious from the Raw roster as most of the talent is accounted for but perhaps, WWE can bring in a former talent as his opponent. This is just a guess but The Great Khali could be an option and his role would be to put over Omos in a quick match to further establish Omos as WWE's true giant. We should know more within the next couple of weeks, if not on tonight's show.