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WWE has already found their replacement for Shane McMahon at WrestleMania



There was a report out earlier this week about WWE looking for another "major attraction" match for this year's WrestleMania show.

McMahon was reportedly going to be slotted near the top of the card but those plans were thrown out after Shane's backstage issues with different people at the Royal Rumble show.

It appears that WWE has quickly locked in their replacement for Shane at Mania but this time they did not have to scramble too much.

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Ringside News reports that while there are several things on the WrestleMania card that could change, the plans for Shane McMahon's replacement are pretty much locked in and it's not something that is being batted around. No word on who Shane's replacement will be but it was previously reported that Shane vs. Seth Rollins was the plan. On Raw, WWE has been subtly teasing a split between Rollins and Kevin Owens so that could be a potential match for Mania.

Owens' current storyline is that he may miss WrestleMania because he does not have a spot in the Elimination Chamber match and Rollins got his spot without having to qualify.

During his post-Raw promo, KO talked about not wanting to miss WrestleMania because he loves Dallas so much and he loves football. For what it's worth, Rollins always notes on Twitter how much he hates football.