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WWE has been working the wrestlers backstage in order to keep surprises from leaking

On this week’s episode of Talk Is Jericho podcast, Daniel Bryan told Chris Jericho about the speculation about Shane McMahon’s health during the final weeks leading up to WrestleMania. Bryan said that WWE’s thing nowadays is to work the boys backstage because they don’t want surprises to leak out.

Bryan said, “It’s weird because we’re in this stage now where they don’t tell the boys anything so they keep all the secrets from the boys because they’re afraid that the boys are talking to the dirt sheets and all that stuff.” Bryan went on to talk about WWE’s backup plan and what he was told, “Well [Shane] says he’s wrestling and but we have a backup and we think it’s a pretty good backup. I said ‘who is it’ and they’re like ‘we can’t tell you.'”

Chris Jericho confirmed that he was the backup plan if McMahon could not wrestle due to the health issues McMahon was dealing with and Bryan said that he figured it would be Jericho but he was never outright told by management.

This not new. WWE hates it when surprises get out and they’ve been doing things for years to try and catch people that are leaking to websites. Oftentimes, most of the writing team is not told in advance if there’s a big surprise planned and some things are left off the Raw script. When Bobby Lashley was about to return on Raw, the script did not have his name on it. We reported days before that he would be returning at WrestleMania or on Raw that weekend but most people that are usually clued on these types of things were not told.

Whatever WWE is doing has worked to some degree because they’ve been able to squash pay-per-view spoilers. For those of you that don’t recall, spoilers would get out hours before the show and it would reflect in the betting odds. They’ve been able to kill that in recent months.


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