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WWE has begun preparing for the 1000th episode of Smackdown



The Raw 25th anniversary show in January was the highest rated WWE show in years and WWE hopes to get similar ratings in October when they celebrate 1000 episodes of Smackdown.

PWInsider is reporting that preparations have begun for the 1000th episode celebration scheduled for October 16, 2018. There is not much known but the company is working on preliminary ideas.

Presumably, this would mean that several Superstars associated with the show will be invited to appear. The "Smackdown" name was coined after The Rock said the word in one of his promos in 1999. Later, The Rock would routinely call it "his show."

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The show started in April 1999 as a one-off special on the UPN Network. The network decided to bring it back as a weekly show on Thursday nights in the fall of that year and the rest is history. The show became part of The CW in 2006 and MyNetwork TV in 2008 before moving into the NBCUniversal family on the SyFy Network in 2010. The USA Network picked it up in 2016 as a live show on Tuesday nights and it will move to the Fox Network in October of 2019. The show will remain live.