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WWE has big plans for WrestleMania week



As previously noted, WWE has added Smackdown Live to the list of WrestleMania week of shows. Instead of having the roster drive out to another city for Smackdown, they will be staying in Orlando and the show will air from the Amway Arena in Orlando. Also, we've noted that the Hall Of Fame ceremony will take place on Friday and NXT Takeover will take place on Saturday. That would give the main roster time to rest up before WrestleMania.

So, the plans are for the WWE Hall Of Fame on 3/31 at the Amway Center. NXT Takeover will also take place at the Amway Center on 4/1, WrestleMania will take place on 4/2 and then they broadcast Raw on 4/3 and Smackdown Live on 4/4 from the Amway Center.

That's not all though because, according to the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, they are considering doing a NXT taping on 4/5 at Full Sail and a closed-circuit at Amway Arena for WrestleMania. That is dependant on Mania selling out early. So, if that happens then fans would be able to buy tickets to watch Mania on the big screens at Amway Arena like they used to do in the early 80's for major shows. They are also talking about doing something at the Performance Center where fans would get to visit and tour the facility.

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