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WWE has big things planned for the tag team division

If Vince McMahon is to be believed, there are big changes coming to WWE’s tag team division on Raw and SmackDown Live.

As noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE management told the tag teams that they were going to give them a big push. This would explain why Zack Ryder was brought back to TV to reunite with Curt Hawkins. WWE won’t say this publicly but the reason for this is because AEW has already stated that tag teams will be important and The Young Bucks are in charge of booking for the tag team division in All Elite Wrestling.

WWE management went as far as to say that The Revival would be the face of the division. It’s pretty clear by the way they’ve been booked that a babyface turn is coming for The Revival with them being constantly screwed over.

In a Twitter post by Scott Dawson’s father, he said that management told them to give them three months and they will start to see the changes. If that is the case then it would be the first time in decades that WWE has treated tag teams as a big deal.

You would have to go back to the early ’90s to see a WWE show where tag teams were treated almost as equals to the top talent and they weren’t jobbed out on most weeks.


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