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WWE has big WrestleMania plans for Roman Reigns

The main event push for Roman Reigns is coming. WWE has cooled him down this year after he returned to action in March following his battle with cancer but he is about to be positioned as the top babyface of Friday Night SmackDown again.

I’m told that his current feud with Baron Corbin is just a placeholder until they can get into the new year and then fans will start seeing Reigns move up the card again with plans for him to be in one of the main event matches at WrestleMania.

I don’t know if there are plans for him to win the Universal Championship but his name has been talked about as a WrestleMania opponent for “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt.

The feeling on Reigns is that he’s gone long enough without being shoved in the fan’s face and that he is no longer seeing the fan backlash that Seth Rollins is getting right now or the backlash that John Cena was getting for most of his babyface run.

Vince McMahon still sees him as the face of the company and he will be treated that way in the coming months.

Reigns is scheduled to take on Baron Corbin at the TLC pay-per-view next month and there’s been talk of adding a stipulation to that match. Click here for news on the stipulation plans for that match. Click here for news on the big plans for Bray Wyatt.

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