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WWE has bigger plans for Bray Wyatt after Survivor Series



This Sunday at the Survivor Series pay-per-view, "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt will put his WWE Universal Championship on the line against Daniel Bryan. However, fans who are hoping to see Bryan win the title should not get their hopes up.

In recent weeks, Bryan has come across as conflicted. At some points he comes across as a heel and other times as a babyface and last week on Friday Night SmackDown he showed some hints of going back to being a full-blown babyface but he also insulted the fans in attendance. I'm told that whatever is happening with Bryan extends beyond his feud with Wyatt and WWE has bigger plans for The Fiend.

I'm told that there are no plans to take the Universal Title off of Wyatt, which means he will still be the champion after Survivor Series. In fact, there are big plans for him at WrestleMania. I don't know who he will be facing but a few people have been considered, including Roman Reigns.

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The repackaging of Bray Wyatt is something that has been in the works long before he returned to WWE TV a few months ago. People in WWE management have been very impressed by the work he's put into the character and the work he's put in to getting himself into shape. Vince McMahon wasn't fully sold on him during his previous run when he led the Wyatt Family and when he was teaming with Matt Hardy but I'm told that McMahon really likes the Firefly Fun House segments and it was his idea to have Wyatt wrestle under the red lights.

The red light idea is something McMahon has done before, notably during Kane's first few matches in WWE in late 1997 and early 1998. One WWE source told me that there is more time and effort being put into Wyatt's storylines than most of the roster so that bodes well for him.

One WWE source who is close to the creative process told me that Wyatt will be in one of the main event matches at WrestleMania so expect to see his push continue and they are working on ways to keep him strong. The idea is to make sure he's not pinned until they find the right person to beat him.