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WWE has filed for several WCW trademarks

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WWE has filed for several WCW trademarks

WWE has filed several interesting trademarks in the last week. Most of them are for old wrestling shows.

They filed for the following:

– Saturday Night’s Main Event on 9/24
– WCW Saturday Night on 9/24
– WCW Thunder on 9/24
– NWO New World Order on 9/21
– All Star Wrestling on 9/21
– WCW Monday Nitro on 9/21
– WWE Hidden Gems on 9/21
– World Championship Wrestling on 9/21
– Halloween Havoc on 9/21
– Fall Brawl on 9/21
– Starrcade on 9/14

The Starrcade trademark is being used in November for the live event in Ohio. The other trademarks appear to be for issues related to the WWE Network.

WWE has also filed trademarks for NXT Superstars Angelo Dawkins, Montez Ford, Otis Dozovic, Tucker Knight, Adam Cole, Danny Burch, and Lars Sullivan. That should be a good sign for all of them. It’s not clear if this means that they are going to be moved up to the main roster soon or if WWE is getting their ducks in a row for merchandising.

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