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WWE has finally revealed who attacked Enzo Amore

For the last several weeks, WWE has been playing up the mystery storyline on who attacked Enzo Amore and Big Cass. The Revival were the prime suspects because they were caught on camera during backstage interview segments even though they were supposed to be off the road because of Dash Wilder’s injury. Over the last couple of weeks, we were led to believe that The Big Show attacked Big Cass but I think most people figured out that the company was going to save this angle for someone else. After all, would it really be a shock if Big Show turned again?

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So, on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Big Cass and Enzo demanded answers from GM Kurt Angle. In an effort to keep viewers tuned in, WWE scripted Angle to say that he would find out who was behind the attacks and we would find out by the end of the show. Angle came out at the end of the show and then brought Enzo and Cass to the ring to address what has been going on in recent weeks.

Here is a rundown of what happened…

Angle said that he had been talking to suspects all night long before calling The Revival to the ring. Angle also called The Big Show to the ring. Big Show was adamant that he had nothing to do with the attacks. He told Angle that he was insulted that anyone would suspect him before leaving the ring. Of course, The Revival denied any wrongdoing and Angle was able to rule them out because he said that referees, producers, and superstars were able to back them up. Corey Graves then grabbed the mic and said that Big Cass was lying about having a lump on the back of his head. Graves said that he talked to the medical team and they say that he was not hurt. Graves also called out Cass for wrestling last week even though he wasn’t cleared. Graves then proceeded to show security camera footage of Cass laying himself on the ground so he could fake the “attack” on him. So, it was clear that it was Big Cass that attacked Enzo. Cass replied, “you’re damn right I did it!” He said that Enzo would run his mouth every single minute of the day, including to Conor McGregor on Twitter. Cass said that he felt bad for Enzo because everyone in the back didn’t like him and he’s had to put up with his crap for years. Enzo was crying while Cass was yelling at him. Cass said that he wanted to see if Enzo was smart enough to see what was going on around him or if he is as dumb as he looks. He told Enzo that he is just dead weight holding him up when he should be rising to the top of WWE. Cass said, “me and you…we are through.” He followed that up by nailing Enzo with a big boot to the face.

I think most of us knew this was coming. It was only a matter of time before Cass broke off to become a singles star. Vince McMahon likes him because he’s tall and he sees star potential in him. Hopefully, Cass is able to run with the ball now that he has broken away.

There is still one more mystery to be solved. We still don’t have answers on whatever is going on with Angle and his text messages but, apparently, WWE has big plans for him. If you want to know who/what might be behind the Kurt Angle text message mystery, click here.

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