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During a backstage interview, Austin Theory talked about his failed Money In The Bank cash-in last week on Monday Night Raw.

Theory acknowledged that it was not possible for him to beat Roman Reigns and that is why he went after United States Champion Seth Rollins last week. Dolph Ziggler appeared and said he tried to help Theory but Theory clapped back and siad that he is done being called a protege or "the youngest" at anything. 

Theory wrestled and Dolph Ziggler moments later and he would have won the match but he proceeded to send Ziggler into the steps at ringside. The referee ultimately disqualified Theory for not listening to the referee's pleas to stop. After the match, Theory tossed around furniture at ringside and officials ran out to stop him from continuing the attack on Ziggler.

During the match, it was noted by the announcers that Theory no longer has the phone for selfies. He is also more serious and he has dropped some of the goofy things his character was doing under Vince McMahon's regime. 

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