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Baron Corbin

Photo Credit: WWE

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WWE has given Baron Corbin a manager

It looks like Baron Corbin will be getting a manager on WWE TV.

Last week during the Roman Reigns beatdown angle with the dog food, there was someone under the ring who strapped Reigns legs to the ringpost. That person was likely Drake Maverick.

At Thursday’s WWE live event, Maverick was managing Corbin and he is advertised as Corbin’s manager for live events later this month and into January. So, it would make sense to have Maverick revealed as the person who was under the ring last week.

Maverick was given a lot of praise for the WWE 24/7 segments where he had his wife involved and the title change at his wedding was his idea. I know that people in the company have been pushing ideas for him as of late and the manager role is apparently what Vince McMahon is sticking with.

Check out a photo below of Maverick managing Corbin from Thursday’s live event.


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