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For years, WWE has scripted promos for its talent, which has led to some criticism from fans and wrestlers alike including former star Jon Moxley as he believes this process didn’t allow wrestlers to have their own voices as talking is part of the art of wrestling.

PWInsider reported today that over the last few weeks, WWE has been allowing talent to have more freedom on the microphone by letting them improvise more instead of saying word for word what was scripted for them.

The report also noted that at least a ‘sizable portion’ of the match between Drew McIntyre and Sheamus on the July 29 edition of SmackDown was called in the ring, a change from having every spot laid out to them ahead of the bout.

As previously reported, WWE is going to make small changes over the course of time instead of making changes all at one time as a way to show investors that the company is stable now that Vince McMahon is no longer in charge.

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Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan are co-CEOs, while Triple H is in charge of creative.