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WWE has made experimental changes to their wrestling ring

WWE is looking to help out their performers by making changes to their wrestling rings.

The rings that were used in the 1980s and 1990s were hard and the hard bumps combined with the busy schedule has left many former wrestlers dealing with pain issues later in life. The rings were altered sometime in the late 90s and early 2000s so that they are not so hard on the body but some new experimental changes could go a long way in helping the current roster as WWE prepares to add dates to their calendar for live events.

Ringside News is reporting that there were modifications made to the NXT ring a few months ago and this appears to be a test run. If all goes well then the change could be made to the ring used on the main roster.

The idea with the new ring is to replace the wood under the canvas with something that is “more like a plastic.” The modified ring in NXT has been in place since before WrestleMania.

Basically, the new plastic is said to be better at absorbing bumps and it lessens the damage to the bodies of the wrestlers. There’s no word yet on if or when this ring will be used on the main roster.

This is the latest change that WWE has made to help the quality of life of their current and past performers. In recent years, the company has offered drug rehab to anyone who has ever been under contract. They also are more stringent on keeping wrestlers off the road if they suffer a concussion and they must pass an IMPACT test before being cleared for action. The new ring, if it proves to be successful in reducing pain and injuries, would be a welcome addition on the main roster, since they are on the road more often.

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