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WWE has no real plans for Veer Mahaan



WWE has been hyping for months that Veer Mahaan will be “coming to” Monday Night Raw, but it still hasn’t happened.

With these vignettes, it appears he is getting repackaged but there doesn’t seem to be a firm timetable for him to show up on television. Although there was some speculation that he could show up in the Men’s Royal Rumble Match, it was reported ahead of time that WWE creative had no plans for Mahaan to be in the match and that’s exactly what happened.

On today’s SRS Q&A Podcast, Sean Ross Sapp was asked will Veer finally get to Raw. Sapp stated, “I’m not convinced he will and when he does, I think he will just go away, it’s a rib now at this point.”

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WWE did file for the “Veer Mahaan” trademark in November and he has been backstage at shows, but just not used. As time goes on, it seemingly looks like a situation that Elias had as WWE showed weeks of vignettes for the re-debut of Elias but those plans were dropped.

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