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WWE has plans to “amp up” the John Cena-Roman Reigns feud tonight on SmackDown

There are people in WWE who feel like what’s been done so far for the Roman Reigns vs. John Cena feud has been lackluster so far.

Apparently, that will change tonight because, as reported by WrestleVotes, there are plans to “amp up” the rivalry.

WrestleVotes cited sources in creative saying that the match will sell itself on the names alone but more needs to be done to make up for the lackluster build so far.

WWE has had Reigns and Cena cut worked shoot promos on each other in recent weeks, similar to what Cena and The Rock were doing during the build for their first match several years ago.

With SummerSlam taking place in 8 days, they have just two more shows to drive home the point to fans that this is a must-see match. For what it’s worth, Cena is sticking around for a least one more show after SummerSlam so while it’s most likely that Reigns will be retaining the Universal Title, there is some wiggle room to shock people and have Cena win.

Cena is advertised for SmackDown on September 10 at Madison Square Garden.

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