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WWE has replaced Ric Flair with the Ultimate Warrior in their opening video package

It appears that WWE is erasing all traces of Ric Flair from their programming.

As seen in the screenshot below, Flair has been replaced by the Ultimate Warrior in the signature opening that kicks off their weekly broadcasts. We noted on Monday night that Flair’s “Wooooo!” was removed from the same video.

Flair’s removal comes after last week’s Dark Side of the Ring where he was accused by flight attendant Heidi Doyle of stripping down naked and walking around with a robe on and then forcing her to touch his genital area. Flair has denied the allegations and has issued statements on the matter.

Also, as previously noted, Flair was removed from a ‘Story Time’ episode on Peacock where he told a story about his antics with flight attendants on a different flight and Car Shield announced that they would be pausing ads with Flair on them. Flair was also removed from advertising for next month’s New York Comic Con.

Although nothing was ever confirmed by anyone in the company, many believed that Flair was close to making his AEW debut and perhaps on tonight’s AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam. It does not look like we will be seeing Flair on AEW or WWE TV anytime soon.

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