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WWE has reversed their stance on signing Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle will not be wrestling on 8/18 and 8/19 for Over The Top Wrestling and he has been replaced by Juice Robinson.

Those dates coincide with SummerSlam weekend so the timing is interesting. Riddle is someone that could be a huge star in NXT and potentially on the main roster if he was booked properly because he is very good even though he has limited experience.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that WWE has reconsidered their stance on Riddle. This is a reversal from how they felt four months ago when they wouldn’t even consider booking him at Axxess in New Orleans.

The reason why WWE has been against hiring him is that he was fired from UFC after testing positive for marijuana. The firing came after he tested positive for marijuana in late 2012 and again in early 2013.

Marijuana doesn’t necessarily disqualify wrestlers from working in WWE and there are several wrestlers who partake. WWE’s policy is to fine wrestlers $2,500 for marijuana usage and that fine is known among the wrestlers as the “pot tax” but the issue with Riddle has been that his marijuana usage and firing from UFC was so public.

Well, it looks like WWE has softened their stance on him and we could see him in NXT sooner than later. Nothing is confirmed but, perhaps, we’ll know more soon.

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