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WWE has shut down their Talent Management Group



WWE announced back late last year that they would be launching their Talent Management Group as a way to represent their own talent to monetize third party bookings. WWE started staffing the division.

However, WWE has already shut down the division. reported today the decision to shutter the division was made just a few weeks back. It was added the division only existed for four to five weeks.

The reason for this division to be launched was to make more money off sponsorships, film and TV roles that their talent booked. At the time, WWE touted the division by noting it “will deliver best-in-class 360-degree support of Talent across all internal lines of business and key external partners, amplifying Talent brand value and maximizing monetization opportunities for Talent and WWE."

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This came after Vince McMahon’s edict that wrestlers couldn’t use these third party platforms such as YouTube, Cameo, OnlyFans, and more in addition to wrestlers having their own sponsorships.

It was later clarified that wrestlers could use the platforms, but under their real names.